Posted by: Rainbow Dash | December 18, 2010

blood sucking freaks and holiday costume

Hello. There’s quite a lot of catching up to do. Well, Winter Break has finally arrived. Time to kick back and relax in front of a computer…lousy weather, never snows in WA.

There’s a new costume available in the Poptropica store! Wreathe yourself in holiday cheer with this string of festive lights, which includes three blinking patterns to choose from.

The “Tangled in Lights” costume is free to use for Poptropica Members, and 75 credits for non-Members. Enjoy!

A new costume which allows you to decorate yourself in “electricity”. *hey that’s pretty cool, I’m glowing and-AIIIIEEEEEE it burrrrnnnnsss!!!*….at least it’s not like the electrifier…Anyways, get yours today for 75 credits.

Chupacabra: ¿Que es?

Cryptids Island is coming on Monday to Poptropica! Before you take on some of the world’s most fearsome mythical monsters, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the legends.

“Chupacabra” is Spanish for “goat-sucker,” and that’s exactly what this creature is said to do. Unlike many cryptids, the Chupacabra is a relatively recent phenomenon. The legend began in Puerto Rico in 1995, when a farmer found that several of his animals had been killed overnight, and the blood drained from their bodies through strange puncture wounds.

Since then, the stories have spread to Mexico and the United States. But accounts of the Chupacabra vary widely: sometimes it is reported to be doglike in appearance, and sometimes, as in the drawing above, as an alien creature that walks on two legs. The only thing that unites all the tales is the creature’s bloodsucking behavior.

Recently, a Chupacabra body was thought to have been found, but was proven to be a coyote with mange. So the questions remain. Is the Chupacabra a new, unknown animal? Is it a space alien? Or is it nothing more than a legend dreamed up by angry farmers? Perhaps one day we will know the truth.

Do you believe in the Chupacabra?

space aliiieeenn??WTH. Get out the nukes, blow them up…well, in my truthful opinion I think these monsters and cryptids things aren’t “monsters” but actual undiscovered species. The loch ness monster isn’t evil and a monster after all and is probaly some prehstoric dinosaur…The chucapabra(not to be confused with chubraca (chewy)) is probaly some unknown species…they’re perfectly not evil and just want to find food…except blood sucking…

bring out the torch!

happy holidays, ep out


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