Posted by: Rainbow Dash | December 20, 2010

now online!

The long awaited cryptids island is finally online for members like me today. Today is December 20th and it marks the official date of when the island starts. In this post you will find gamer tips, pics, quick descriptions, and more of the all new cryptids island. More walkthroughs will be added soon in our walkthrough page, by loud shark from, and so will island walkthroughs. Check out the page for walkthroughs! I suggest you get to the island early in the morning before it is swarmed and the servers become flooded. For non members, this post and pics is a sneak peek and inside look from The Poptropica Project.

When you first arrive in the island, the place is a fall like place and there is a huge mansion with plants cut into the shapes of cryptids as well. The leaves are red and there’s not much to do in the rather “peaceful” main street. After you are assigned your job, you travel to exotic places such as loch ness(first one you catch), a snowy mountain for the yeti or something, and you use a old fashioned weather baloon. As for gameplay, the only part requiring much jumping is the mountain region, otherwise, the only difficult part is to actually catch the cryptids. There’s a lot of birds on main street too. Below are some pictures:

happy hunting!


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