Posted by: Rainbow Dash | December 21, 2010

snapshots of cryptids island

Cryptids island is by far a tough island but probaly not the hardest. There’s a lot of items you need to find all scattered throughout the place. Looking for the camera? (everyone is stuck on it), then go to loch ness and help the person with the car by clicking on the left tire of the car and let the air out and then you receive the camera. Here is our rating:

Difficulty: 9.1/10

enviroment: 9/10

storyline: 9.3/10

fun: 8.7/10 (a little frustrating to find all the stuff, the DNA part has a stupid $%^# error in it and it took forever to get it to work right. There is a computer error in the part).

grade: 90.1 perecent: A-


an old abandoned house: home of the jersey devil (my favorite cryptids so far!)

The jersey devil is sighted, spooky!:

the lab at mews mansion:

The loch:

want a drink in the ol loch  ness pub?

loch ness monster sighted:

saving bigfoot from gretchen the bounty hunter:

and finally, a happy ending…except no million dollars, he used it to protect the land around bigfoot instead….if i was the player, i would’ve taken out a flamethrower and torched him….

happy hunting…no million dollars….such…a….waste…of….time…..



  1. Can you save the lamp in the customizer?

    • I mean the store costume customizer.

  2. Yes, u can

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