Posted by: pogostix013 | December 22, 2010

A Devil, some people, and a lot of catching up to do…

Uck, I haven’t posted in SUCH a long time. It was only yesterday when EP reminded me to post….

So straight to it. Cryptids Island is out for members, and the creators did another post on another strange, yet pretty cool looking creature: The Jersey Devil. Here’s the post:

Know Your Cryptids: Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil: What’s its situation?
Cryptids Island is here! Before you take on some of the world’s most fearsome mythical monsters, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the legends. 

They say that in the deepest, darkest woods of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, Mother Leeds was about to give birth to her 13th child. “Let it be a devil!” she cried in exasperation. When the baby was born it sprouted wings and horns, and flew off into the night.

Since then, sightings of the “Jersey Devil” have persisted throughout southern New Jersey. Footprints, unearthly howls, even direct sightings have been reported. A naval commander once fired a cannonball at a strange creature he thought to be the Jersey Devil, to no effect.

Today, tales of the Jersey Devil are largely dismissed, and the creature itself is thought of as a joke. It even inspired the name of an ice hockey team, the New Jersey Devils. But there are still those who claim they can hear the beast’s eerie wail in the night…

Do you believe in the Jersey Devil?

It’s a pretty interesting post…but I have to say, the Jersey devil looks…wierd… little spindlly legs, some giant bat wings, a tail, and what looks like (to me) a cross between a horse and a whale’s head. The Jersey devil is probably some sort of mutated thing, or just a hoax. I doubt it’s an undocumented species, because if it is, why haven’t people captured it yet? The creature can’t possibly be THAT elusive, and stay hidden for years. Well, I’m sure that there are divided thoughts on that.
Oh, and congratulations to the ten players that had beaten Cryptids island first! Unfortunately, i’m not one of them…. Here’s the post.

Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Cryptids Island!

It took longer than usual for the first Poptropica Members to complete our newest Island. I guess that means Cryptids really is the biggest and best adventure so far! Congratulations to the first 10 Poptropicans to complete Cryptids Island. 

1. Grumpy Icicle
2. Shiny Hero
3. Hungry Grape
4. Golden Snowball
5. Greedy Runner
6. Grey Icicle
7. Tough Raptor
8. Giant Noodle
9. Maroon Burger
10. Purple Snowball

Congratulations to you, and to everybody who’s completed Cryptids Island so far! Cryptids Island is available right now for Poptropica Members, and will be open to all on January 17.

I don’t have membership… so…. JANUARY… SEVENTEENTH.. CAN’T…. WAIT…..
There’s also a new item in the poptropica store called “Bigfoot Fanatic.” Hm… looks like a fanatic to me… yep, crazy expression, wide eyes, giant hat and shirt… kind of looks like me when they announced that Cryptids island was out.
Sorry for not posting in a while, see ya.


  1. Its ep btw, weird….so they’re saying that a mom gave birth to a flying horse????….you know, thats actually kidnaf disturbing…..0-0

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