Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 3, 2011


Hello and we’re officially back from our week long hibernation. Hope that everyone has enjoyed a peaceful Christmas and it’s fair to say that 2010 officially sucked….

Look what followed me onto Cryptids Island:

You too can drag in some new followers to the new year with the Dragon Followers card, available now in the Poptropica Store.

Clicking the dragon on the card will cycle through three different dragon followers to choose from, in yellow, blue, and red.

Happy new year!

These dragon stalkers followers come in 3 different colors. Although red is most preffered, you can choose yellow as well and I think green. This follower, or gold card, costs 200 credits, I think and it might’ve jumped to 250, and the creators look as if they’re off hibernation mode too. Wimpy dragons. I was thinking something more along the lines of this:

or this:

and howabout this?

careful, it might bight….Bunny of doom….happy new year


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