Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 8, 2011

potrait printer and the costume saver

Hello, poptropicans, the creators have once again advertised some of the earliest gold cards in the store. And oh boy, only 250 credits each, in other words: two bucks just to print an image of your poptropican. There’s a better solution th0ugh:

1. Go to the avatar studio

2. press either keys (depending on computer type): either function+print screen(prnt screen) or ctrl print screen

3. Go to paint and then go to options at the top and click paste

4. your image of the poptropican will be pasted and so you crop and delete the stuff you don’t like or click the crop tool and then you’re left with a picture of your poptropican and name

5. Save the paint document and print it out. You just saved a few bucks

You fashionistas out there already know that there are hundreds of outfits on Poptropica that you can costumize on Islands, or buy in the Store. And there are thousands of possible costume combinations that you can put together when you combine pieces from them all.

All those accessories can be hard to hold onto. Here are a few tricks for keeping around your favorite ensembles.

The Costume Collector Gold Card is available in the Poptropica store. It’s free to use for Members, or 250 Credits for non-Members. With the Costume Collector, you can store up to three of your costumes exactly as they are, so you don’t have to worry about having to put them all together again later.

The Portrait Printer, also in the Store free for Members and 250 Credits for non-Members, lets you immortalize your greatest fashion creations on paper. You can pose your Poptropican, add one of several backgrounds, and then print it out for all to see!

Finally, all Members and non-Members with a Poptropica username can use the Avatar Studio to save a picture of their current look and share it with the world. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and play dress up!


Want backrounds? You can do it on paint too and add a backround color. The creators are obviously trying a “run for the money”.  I’m cynical that they’ll actually lure in a great amount of people this way. Good news poptropicans, you won’t have to buy either of these thanks to our blog. Loud shark, the newest member and tech guy, has made a poptropica storage that can save unlimited amounts of costumes. Check out the new forum too (listed on his blog) and his blog is The official forum site is: I’m a part time writer on his blog too. Well, elmo pwns out! I also posted this on the poptropica station too.


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