Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 18, 2011

author night!

Always wanted to chat about poptropica or with the authors? Well then, this Friday is the poptropica project’s first annual author night! Discuss live with people about poptropica! No profanity or swearing or rude language. You will be banned if you do! Meet with the authors and share poptropica experiences! It is This Friday at these times:

  • if you live in an eastern state like new york or pensilvania, then it will be at  8:00
  • If you live in the pacific/pacific time in the US, it will be at 5:00
  • If you live in another country, ask your parents/friends what 6:00 pacific time is in your country. Or you can search it on google/bing/yahoo/goodsearch =the official location. Remembers the dates above and is this Friday on the 21st at those times! You can visit the wall now though and chat anytime you like!!!

Check out the post below this that took at least an hour! It’s our cryptids island mega guide!!!


to those who said we copied some other blog. It’s not plagarism. Stop saying stuff like that. Some other blog might’ve came up with the idea first but we’re not copying their exact words. Anyone can have a chat room or poptropican of the week or cool stuff page and it’s pretty common. I saw another blog with an author night and poptropica user of the week too. And we might’ve not come up with it first but anyone can have a discussion/chat room.


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