Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 18, 2011

The cryptids island mega pack

The creators are unleashing a series of posts on the blog about the upcoming cryptids island. Members have gotten to play ever since it started snowing and since all the non members are going to be able to explore this island, if you don’t want spoilers, then don’t read this.

Ok, so you read it, in fact, I suspect that you are on of the nine of ten people that will read this because a survey showed, if you use don’t read this or “go away from this site!” in the title to try to not have people come, they’ll come…:) This is the cryptids island mega pack! guides, tips for hunting cryptids, story, and more!

First up. The spoilers:

  • you do not find the yeti only a fake footprint is seen
  • the jersey devil is found and you take back an egg for dna testing
  • you rescue bigfoot from an evil bounty hunter in the pacific northwest (where i’m from, yay!)
  • you use a whistle to lure the loch ness monster and then take a photo of it. The other post on the creators blog with the tires is a FAKE loch ness. That isn’t the real one, just fake tires.
  • The chupacabra is found when: talking to all the farmers, and then getting information on how to cage it. There is a peice of coyote fur you find but it is fake so don’t go all the way back to ze lab and then you have to drive all the way back and all that stuff so don’t go back because of the coyote fur!!! You find real proof when you cage the monster after hearding three spotted sheep into a cave like area with an off road truck.
  • You get to use a helicopter and BOARD an enemy plane!!! Coool (at the end though).


The story:

You arrive on the island and then you have to talk to harold mews, whom is the owner of a biggg mansion. You go around town, get a kite, help a cryptids hunter get pushed off a ledge while on a wind surfer so she can hunt for cryptids and u later find her at new jersey. You get harold mew’s permission for the heli and you take off. Upon entering the himilayas, you must climb some sort of mountain. On the top is a monastery of monks and you go and get  picture of a yeti footprint. For those who need help finding objects, our quick guide is below this. After you get a picture of that, close forensic science determines it to be fake and you give up ze search for the yeti. You may choose any of these locations: Puerto Rico, Loch Ness, New Jersey.

The puerto Richo crisis: Farmers are in need of assistance. The chupacabra has been plauging the area and has been attacking livestock. Talk to the farmer and drive the ATV across the wilderness. Use ze map to guide you to other farms where you gather information: the chupacabra only eats dotted sheep, only eats brown sheep with dots, and eats in some cave(middle of map) with a heard of three of the kinds of sheep. After hearding the sheep there, you may also visit a farm and find that there is a small feather sample. Get all the items you need (when searching the area) from the farm and then go for the chupacabra. You and another farm attempts to cage it, but it breaks free and packs a tearful bight! Ouch! Then, you get the tooth it drops and get evidence.

loch ness: Upon arriving, go to the pub to win a game of darts. After that, you get a ticket for the row boat. Get on the rowboat and ask the guy to start rowing. Then get the camera(guide for that below). Once you have required the camera, the guy will row you down and you will see many tires. Take a picture. After more examination back at the mews lab, it is a fake. Go back and confront the guy and warn him that you will call the cops on him for fraud. He runs away. After a second trip to the pub, you get a submarine ticket. Ride the submarine to cherry island and get a picture of an old sucken loch ness movie prop. It is a fake and show it to the people at the bar. They will say “aww wee laddie, it’s a fake, how about a feathered dart instead?” and gives you a feather dart. Win another game to aquire a whistle(after talking to the people and getting the flute) and blow the whistle after rowing the boat to cherry island. Loch ness monster will appear and you can get a good shot of him!

New Jersey woods: You arrive at night near woods with a highway in the backround. The wind kite surfer you helped push off the cliff so she can take off crashed in a tree. She says the evil bounty hunter sabotaged her mission(I think it was gretchen or something). Now, you will need the bolt cutters from your items and use it to cut the lock in the trash can. Sort through the trash until you get to a path of directions. It’s a paper that shows directions for where to go in the woods and you will need it. Now go to the restroom(not literally!) and there are more directions written on the toilet stall(sickos….); it is unknown who wrote it but you will need to follow these ominous directions. Get on the motorcycle and drive following the directions/paths. For example, if it says: left, left, shiver in fright. Then first, you go to the nearest fork in the road and go left until you hit another fork, and then go another left. Once you are at the location, go out of the motorcycle and you will be at an old abandoned house, home of the jersey devil. Go up to ze attic and you will hear a thumping. Open the trunk and it appears only to be a raccoon. Then there’s more noises that are audible and you will see the creepy jersey devil fly by a window! Go out and you will see the jersey devil. It escapes into the wilderness and climb up a tree with the rope. On top, should be the egg. After more forensic science back at Mews mansion, it reveals a positive match and you now have proof of ze Jersey Devil!

the final hunt: Bigfoot has been spotted in the Pacific northwest. Go on the helicopter and go to the pacific northwest. You will need to chase him for a few minutes. Tips: follow his EXACT path. If he goes in a very large bush, circle around the push many times until he comes out and you should be able to keep an eye on him. Follow his exact path and he may dissapear into the bush several times. Gretchen will eventually capture him. You must keep an eye on gretchen’s heli as well and follow her every movement. It shouldn’t be too hard. Don’t go TOO fast and watch the turns/follow here very closely. She can’t hide under bushes though. After that, you will need to board her helicopter. Do it and use the plant cutter/snippers to cut the rope from the bigfoot cage. Bigfoot will be free and gretchen crashes as her evil reign ends. Island complete! Harold Mews needs to establish a natural habitat/cave for bigfoot to live in but he needs the money. You will have to forfiet the million dollars :(. At least you got 200 credits and a medallion though! Rock on and hope this guide/mega pack helps you!

the ratings. We here, the critics at the poptropica project, a very experienced blog, have thought about every factor of the all new cryptids island such as – difficulty, funness, envioroment. And here is our rating:

Difficulty: 9.5/10

funness: 8.78/10 (some parts too rigorous)

enviroment: 9.8/10

overall: 9.1/10 (A-)


The hard to find items/frequently asked, and where to get them

  • bolt cutters: at a farm in puerto rico, drive there with the ATV and it is on a rocky ledge.
  • feather sample: near the same farm as above, it is really coyote fur and is a FAKE
  • Camera: in loch ness after helping the man with the truck stuck under the bridge, release the air from the tire to do so by clicking on it and then pressing the nozzle. He will give you the camera
  • the flute/whistle to lure loch ness: by winning a second game, using feathered darts after going back to the pub after you used the submarine ticket/got the picture of the sub.
  • the dollar for buying the sports drink at the beggining: in the farthest tree in town at the very end of the main island, in a tree. Use it to buy: the sports drink. Give the sports drink to the person trimming the hedges. He will take a break, grab the garden trimmers and go on to the kite area. Help the girl get pushed off to the wind and then go to the person, whose balloon is stuck in a tree. Use the garden trimmers to cut him loose.
  • Durable thread: get it by cutting the person in the balloon loose with the garden hedges, which you get by getting the dollar(previous one in the list) and by buying the worker a sports drink in the general store so that the person will leave for a break and you get his trimmers(phew). After getting the thread, use it to fly one of those X2000 or something kites.


  1. when i go to chase bigfoot the games freezes and ive tried many many times refreshing the page and relogging and it still freezes please help! my username is DayDayx3 PLEASE HELP! D:

    elmo pwns: well, many people have complained about this for a long time. The servers are swamped and that’s partially the reason: too many people. I recommend saving the game at that part and then shutting down the computer. After that, close all other windows that you’re not using anymoe as those could slow your computer down too. Then, come back on at night like 7 o’cklock or eight or something to finish that part. Not many people are on at night. It’s not just you, many other people have emailed me about this. Good luck.

  2. When I go to the dna extraction thing it doesn’t work. Even when I follow all the steps correctly.

    • of course, it’s a glitch, u have to retry it some times and try not to splash anything in other places. there’s a glitch in it so it didnt work out for me at first too.

    • Me too, it is an error/glitch. It just takes a couple of times before it actually works…10 times for ME*….


    • you use your mouse to click/go where you want to move.

  4. ive rebooted my computer and everything and the boat at lake noss is not going i keep o trying but it wont and all the windows are closed

    • did u recieve the boat pass for helping the guy get the car out of the bridge?

  5. I am currently playing on Cryptids and i reached a glitch. When i arrive at the island and tried to get into the jeep there was no option to. Then i tried to talk to someone but they only said char1 or char2. Please help.

    • sounds like a glitch. try logging back in and logging back out. if not and if they still say that, press ctrl prnt screen on the keyboard, paste it into paint, save the file as a jpg image, and then email it to ask your parents to do it if you don’t know how. You should be able to let the air out of the tire.

  6. I’m having the same problem in Puerto Rico, when I took the fur sample back to mews mansion I forgot to ask the farmer if i could use his jeep again when i come back. When i came back, everyones just standing there, the hillbilly says “char2” and the pilot says nothing, the farmer just has a battle and chat option….. someone needs to fix this glitch or find a way around it for us, because without it I cant move onto the sixth location and i cant pass cryptids island!!! Its driving me nuts!!!! SOMEONE HELP!!

    • we’ve had at least 5 people email in about this. Apparently, it’s a global problem. Please send an email to along with the other five people. im doing a post this weekend about this. many have already complained to poptropica via the contact us button on the bottom of the page. Please press ctrl prnt screen, paste that onto paint, then save it and attach it to an email document and email it to me. try doing this while pressing the chat/battle button. THanks!

  7. Hey im having the same problem as well but i just read that your going to do a post do you want me to email you as well, or should i just wait until you do a post about it??

    • Now we’ve had six people about this problem. I’m doing a post about it today when I’m not busy.

  8. Same problem. My son is apoplectic, having gotten so close to completion, but having forgotten to ask to use the jeep. Never seen such an error on other islands.

    • Yes, the creators probaly made a once in a year mistake with the coding.

  9. I am working on Cryptids island, loch ness. Have everything including the boat ticket and the penny whistle. I get in the row boat, use the ticket, and then it starts loading and loading and loading… I have tried logging out and in, a different computer, a new character, and an old character. Hope you can help…

    • For info, I have also tried power down and waiting for about an hour for it to stop loading, but alas to no avail.

    • Complain this to poptropica at the contact us bottom at the bottom of page and then question about membership. Hopefully it’s a loading glitch on the site. Yesiree…poptropica has had its time on Cryptids for glitches…hopefully they fixed the farmer glitch that says “Char1” whenever you click on him. For the full report, check out the end of a post a few posts back. Hopefully they fix it…

  10. Thanks for the advice. It is so great to get a reply from a real person. That is one technology that I’m not a fan of. I contacted Poptropica first, under feedback though. Will that work too? We finally figured out that we needed to talk to the boat guy instead of using the ticket. Will try thinking outside the box first next time.

  11. hi i used the kite and got in the mansion but wasnt sure what to do so got out but when i go to the lighthouse again i cant fin d the kite 6000 or somthing i went to kittys kite again but she says she know mykite got destroyed but how do i get in the mansion again

    • go in through the door?

  12. Poptropica Cryptids Mews Mansion – Screen with Old Man and a Gate … glitched and fell in the water .. now cannot get back up to sidewalk or move off of screen left or right. Tried logging out and back in .. restarts with me stuck in the water .. HELP?!?!

    • I have the same prob but not in the water, when i get to bigfoot (read my comment)
      im still waiting for a reply. i will tell u if i find a way around the glitch

  13. i almost beat the game i am at the part were you have to fallow the yeti but he is not moving i tried logging on and off and i tried to restart the screen nothing is working please help

  14. When i get to the Pacific Northwest, my helicopter moves just fine, but bigfoot just stands there!! I tried going ona different computer, and i tried saving and restarting. STILL bigfoot is frozen. HELP!!!

  15. uhhh im stuck my big foot wont move and iv triend everything help

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