Posted by: pogostix013 | January 27, 2011


Hi guys, ep’s on a computer ban for some reason, so I’m here with the next post.


UFO Joe a-go-go

With all the hubbub surrounding Cryptids Island, don’t forget about the action every day in the Daily Pop. In the games section, the competition on the high score lists is as intense as ever. Here are your current leaderboards for UFO Joe:

Calm Star put up a solid 38,180 points today to take the top spot for both the day and the week so far, but that’s nothing compared to…

Purple Ant, whose score of 50,800 keeps him at the top of the heap.

There’s only one week left in January for somebody to grab the top spot from Purple Ant! Are you up to the challenge?

Up for the WHA??? To tell you the truth, I never even considered playing those games ONCE. I should probably try sometime. Congratulations to all those people who accomplished what I never did…It must’ve taken some hours. I would have died out on the first couple of hundred points!
Also, there’s been a ton of sneak peeks, mostly more “Wild West” themed pictures and sneaks…but HUH? It’ll take a couple of million years before you’ll find this somewhere in the desert. Which is why it probably has nothing to do with the upcomming Wild west island.

The caption reads “This island has a unique visual approach.”  I bet it does.  A snowman that’s half as tall as that little…what do you call it, the name slips from my mind…house-thingy mijager. That’s one cool landscape, including a frozen pond and a house with a smoking chimney, suggesting signs of life. *sigh* If only it would snow like that in Washington. A whole winter with only a week of snow. Never mind. For now, we can only leave it to our imagination, until we get more information.
And…. (I’d figure I’d do the latest two sneak peaks…)
Happy Hat Hunting, I guess….At first the cross hair and stuff made me thought you were hunting for pigeons. Mutated, ugly, partially decapitated pigeons…then a closer examination made me think of fat, dancing ducks…I got frustrated and read the caption. It reads: “Take your best shot at what’s happening here.” Get it? Shot? Okay, not all that funny, but I’ll laugh at any joke. I finally thought about it, and they were HATS. What the heck are you doing, going around Poptropica and shooting hats? I can think of better things to do in MY time: Try to find Balloon Boy, trying to host my own TV show on Reality TV island….stuff like that. I suppose there COULD be a use for that…I wouldn’t know. Oh well. It’s another guess, but at least we know it has something to do with this “Wild west island”. Cactus…hats… the usual stuff you find in a typical cowboy movie.
Well, that’s it for now. I’ll see when ep’s computer privileges are back…
see ya later



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