Posted by: Rainbow Dash | January 28, 2011


As some of you may know, Egypt has been under a feirce rebellion. Due to its dictatorship, egyptian civilians now want more benefits for the nation and are fiercly rebelling. The government should reform due to this and a series of violent rebellions has conjured an uprising and the government might be overthrown.

Following content is brought to you by the uprising in Egypt!

Join the uprising! click to enlarge!

Millions have took to the streets with flame grenades and in traditional clothes with weapons! Even a police headquarter was put into flames! It’s an uprising!

rebel costume recipe: Turban from nabooti island, clothe/chest garment and strips from the man standing near the museum at nabooti island, gun from police at super power island, and flame thrower from the spy next door ad! (to keep ad items, do not log on for a week and you will be able to keep them!)


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