Posted by: pogostix013 | January 30, 2011

Wild West Island POSTER!

Hi guys….So apparently, there is now a Wild West Island poster, as elmopwns just informed me about thirty minutes ago.

So, Mustachio Grande, huh? Isn’t that, like, Big Mustache? I don’t know…anybody with a cool ‘stache is cool with me. It looks like you have to catch him before he does something deadly.

The island is coming out for members in February, but for now, the sneak preview “Round ’em UP!” It’s a nice preview. As elmopwns said before, your basically on your horse. I don’t know if this is for all poptropicans, but my horse is WEIRD. He walks fast and slow at different times, and he seems to hate cows. Maybe it’s just my mouse malfunctioning. Hm. Well, you start out at the ranch, and you have to kind of lasso the cows, then tow them back to the ranch. It’s not hard once you get to it, because you have about two minutes. The cows just like to go their own ways, thats all. So, uh…Friday’s prize was a sheriffs hat. Today, you get a sombrero (Hurray for sombreros! They keep you safe from the heat.) Tommorow you get  hat and bandanna.  Oh, it gets better. After the Hat and Bandanna, you get a LOANER costume. I don’t know WHAT that is, but he has a cool hat, and that’s all that matters. Next is the Hombre, the awesome dude with the sombrero, except this time, he has a rainbow poncho thing. The last one costume is “The kid”, and it’s just a kid with a bandanna and a worn out hat. You never know, don’t just a book by it’s cover. The last one, the BIGGEST mytsery is: bubble…wonder…bu….Um….

THE WUNDER BUBBLE TONIC! You don’t know what it does yet. Your supposed to drink it. Now see, in the movies, you always see this stuff, and they have all sorts of wacky side effects. The WUNDER BUBBLE TONIC (yes, it’s spelled that way on the label) might make you bubble up. Now we wouldn’t want THAT would we? Oh well.

For members, you lucky dogs get a special costume. “Wild West Hero”, yes? It looks amazing. I envy the members now.

Until next time,


Either way, I’m not TOUCHING that tonic….



  1. Elmo pwns… Im sorry, i didnt mean i was gonna hack ur blog, to show that im completely sorry ill make a poptropica account generator for this website, and ill even buy a domain for this website, if you want this email me at and tell me that you want it to be done, thanks

    • thanx, i dont need the new domain though, a generator would be nice so thanx a lot man! ill advertise your club penguin blog if u want it advertised

  2. lol i liked my own post…heheheh

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