Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 1, 2011

Wild west island preview

Well, the creators have been releasing islands like crazy over the past few months. It usually goes like: an island every on and a half months and they’re getting difficult as well. You can play the round ’em up game and get the prizes mentioned by pogostix013 and now you can even go to a preview.

…Wild West, that is.

You can play the Wild West Island preview right now on Poptropica. We’ve also put up our Wild West Island info page, which has some juicy new details about the next Poptropica adventure. Now, I know a little something about striking fear into the hearts of an Island’s citizens, but this Mustachio Grande fella sounds like a real terror!

Perhaps I should shoot him a text.

looks like the main atagonist will be the musatchio. Oh joy, hopefully he won’t look like this:

Here are some updates as well from the daily pop:

oh boy, everyone likes a train station!

And in conclusion….

Bad news guys, I have a standford test. I guess every state has something like it. It measures your progress of learning and I studied so all is well…for now…I’m pretty busy to this week and now I have to go find this note book thing that I need for language arts class…if it’s not in my locker, I’m doomed.

See you all next time.


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