Posted by: pogostix013 | February 3, 2011

Snowbound? LUCKY

I don’t know about you, but I actually want snow here, but all we get is sunshine. 😦


Hopefully, winter is treating you well so far. It is not treating all of the Poptropica Creators so well. We are covered in snow! It’s enough to make a salty old pirate daydream about taking a trip to the beach. 

Mythology Island always has a warm and safe place to swim, under the watchful eye of Aphrodite.

When winter weather is this bad, I’d even rather deal with the Booga Shark! Of course, he does have a taste for crawfish…

I always prefer a rejuvenating dip in the waters of the Pirate Outpost. That’s how Captain Crawfish got his groove back!

Oh, wait: It’s still snowing outside. Drat.

DRAT???? Are you kidding me? Here in Washington, this year was supposedly going to have a bunch of snow. The “snow year” my brother called it. When it snowed in November, we took it as a prequel to an amazing, wonderful blizzard. And guess what? We saw grass from the end of November to here! Nothing snowy here.
I have to say though, the beach is pretty nice. Also, I do need to check up on my ‘ol friend the Booga Shark. Sorry ‘ol buddy, had to knock ya out. Ofcourse, you WERE going to eat me alive…
Speaking of Snowbound, isn’t that an old Halo 3 Map? YES IT IS! My favorite map of all. The creators would be REALLY lucky if they lived in a place that looked like THIS:
How peaceful.
Oh well. That was probably the world’s shortest Poptropica Project post….but we do have MORE AWESOME NEWS COMMING UP.
🙂 Cheers,


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