Posted by: pogostix013 | February 10, 2011

Poptropica: Legends of the Bubble Tonic :Secrets REVEALED

Hey guys, new post…


Time is running out to win Wild West preview prizes!

If you haven’t checked out the Wild West Island sneak preview yet, now is the time to do it. There’s only one prize remaining: the Wunder Bubble Tonic!

What does it do, you ask? Well, friend, some wonders can’t be described in words. So get on over to Poptropica and wrangle up some cattle to win your very own bottle of Wunder Bubble Tonic!

If you miss it, don’t worry… there will be a lot more wonderful things to discover when Wild West Island becomes available to Poptropica Members very soon.

Well, the Wunder Bubble tonic, sure is the most…Strangest…of all prizes. Here’s what it does:
SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: Not much of a spoiler, but if you don’t want to know what it does, here’s ya warning.
OKAY, so the Wunder Bubble tonic is quiet a strange drink. You’ll find out when you drink it.
Me. Regular looking. (Pretty handsome huh?)
Now watch as I take out the mysterious bottle… and take a giant swig…
Now that is one COOL shade of blue. It basically turns you all sorts of weird and cool colors, and (even though it doesn’t show it in the picture) everyonce in a while, it changes colors, and even cooler, a bubble escapes from your lips. AWESOME.
For now, that’s it, but until next time…




  1. epic

    • lol thanx

      • Nice, thanks much!

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