Posted by: pogostix013 | February 18, 2011

Another long list of super awesome people….

Sorry I haven’t been able to do any posts lately. I had a computer ban for a while, and then I had a ton of homework….

Having more than four hours of homework per day should be made illegal.


Anyways, here we are, with a new post by the poptropica creators.


Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Wild West Island!

The first Poptropica Members have galloped across the finish line of Wild West Island. Let’s hear it for the first 10 players to earn their medallions! Congratulations to…

1. Friendly Crown
2. Hyper Paw
3. Bendy Skunk
4. Sleepy Cheetah
5. Big Belly
6. Mad Bones
7. Strange Skull
8. Rough Thunder
9. Crazy Chicken
10. Maroon Burger
Many other Poptropicans have have finished Wild West Island, and we can’t wait to see even more of you earn your next Island medallion in the days and weeks to come. Remember, Wild West Island is currently open to Poptropica Members only, and will be available to everybody in a few weeks.
Well, there’s not much to say except….CONGRATULATIONS! I wish I was up there for once, but I haven’t even played the island yet…I wish I have though. Sounds like a pretty cool place to be.
So there’s not much to talk about on this, but there is however…a new sneak peak.
IS THAT CHINESE?? Or Japanese? Either one, it looks like a wrestling match, just old styled with a smaller audience and a really big rat d00d.  He looks angry.
But I’m sure we’ll have no trouble over coming him.  I mean, it’s like fighting this…
(Picture source:
In a flat platform with a roof.
Well, that’s all for now, and I can finally use the computer as I please…
see ya next time….



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