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It’s big, it’s bold, it’s here! The mega pack for Wild West Island!


Here is the long awaited mega pack for Wild West Island! It took me an entire week with hours each day! I was trying to solve every single part while typing this walkthrough for the unique blog and everyone reading it! I wish you best of luck on the new island for members, and non members! Good luck hunting El Mustachio, and may the Poptropica servers be with you….bad joke, I know….Hey pogostix013, this took me a WEEK AND HOURS EACH DAY. Mind if you do the next 3 posts for me? Thanks much man!

The walkthrough is split into 3 acts. Act 1: the desert and introduction. Act 2: the Hunt for El mustachio. And Act 3: The showdown.

walkthrough(split into 3 acts):

Act 1: the desert
Upon entering the island, you will be on the main street of the island. First, save your game, then go to the rusty’s ranch and click on the person to try and tame the horse. You will need to try and follow the arrow at the bottom with your own mouse. Once done that, you get the horse, Elmer, and a whistle to call him as well. Then, go to the wilderness/desert. Before doing so, save your game and ask the girl on the horse, near main street for information on the desert. She will give you a letter to deliver to a sheriff in Diamond plains. Ride your horse through the wildnerss(using the map) to diamond plains. Go to Ruby’s saloon and dismount your horse. Then, you must play a game to find out which person is the sheriff. The game involves spitting gum into a tray. To win, you must beat the person by spitting in acurately into the vase. To win, an easy trick is to keep on closing the game if the person misses on the first shot(which is the closest/easiest). Then, when he easily misses on the first shot, shoot and easily make it. To shoot, click the mouse and to make it go to different directions, charge up the power of your “spit” (in directions of game) and shoot. Once you win, the person will tell you that the marshall/sheriff is at the front table. He will recieve the letter and will have “other matters to attend” and goes and gives YOU the marshall badge. The train hasn’t come to the town in months. Report to the marshals/sheriff’s office near the far left side of the town. Put on your marshall badge and the person will tell you you need an official marshall potrait. To do this, go back to dusty gulch on main street and then to the photo guy who will give you a photo now since you “look younger” than before. The person will give you a potrait/picture. There is a fun little game, in which you need steady hands on the mouse to align the potrait up. The person will give you a frame and the game will begin. The frame will shake/move, but try to keep the frame still so it has the picture of you in the empty space. Onceyou have finished, go back to the marshals office at diamond plains to review the case. Go the potrait and click use in front ofthe sheriff. The person makes you a marshall and gives you a pea shooter(awww no gun or heavy duty pistol). Apparently, you’re thenew marshal now and these criminals escaped from jail (el mustachio). You must find clues to go after them.

act 2: the hunt
Beggining with Act 2, outside the jail, some of the criminals are on horses (when you exit the town). They run off and you exclaim “dagnabit, they got away!”. Don’t fret, there will be plenty of chances. Now, evidence and clues will need to be examined in various locations. Now, go to El cactos and there will be a shooting contet. Ignore the main street for now and go the casino and top floor. You will need to win a game of slapjack. The game is also called egyptian ratscrew and it hurts like crazy in real life! Once you see a slapjack, slap your hand in the middle of the table quickly! you must have fast hands/instincts! Don’t pay attention to the cards, instead, look at the hands of the other people! Once one moves, a flick of the mouse you’re holding can be faster than they’re hand! In fact, at all times, have your mouse on the center of the pile! Once you see the glimpse of their colored hands, click as fast as you can! Once you lose all your cards, you’re out! It gets easier when someone drops out of the game. When there’s only one left, you got to be quick and your click should be faster than they’re mouse. Sometimes, they might try to trick you and the card might move into the pile and out, remember, mouse on the pile at ALL TIMES, and CLICK THE MOMENT YOU SEE THEIR HANDS. Once you have won, he cannot pay up, because he does not have enough money. Instead, he gives you the map to a lucrative gold mine! Remember to save your game! The slapjack tournamnet is long and grueling! Next, go to the shooting contest left of the casino. You will need the pea shooter to play. To win the shooting contest, you must have good aim. This comes in handy if you play games like halo or xbox first shooter games ;). You must shoot as many targets as you can in the least amount of time to beat your opponent. Reload as fast as possible as well. Move your mouse quickly and shoot quickly as well. Reload and move the mouse at the same time! Shoot and move at the same time as well. Get the bigger targets first. Each round is harder than the last one. If you have fast hands, it shouldn’t be too hard. There are five whooping rounds. Once finished, the person will give you a…spud pistol! still not close to a real assualt rifle….:(. Also, go to main street in the town and apparently, some person sold him something that made his head swell. You will need to find the rare blue tulip. Keep your eyes PEELED. Next, with the treasure map, go to the place, at the far right side of the desert map, to the place where the gold mine is at. You cannot dig gold without a gold pan so you will need to resort to another area to try and (find this gold pan). Enter the town of rock ridge and talk to the person with all the cows. One of her calves has run off to the desert. To help, she tells you that you can find her and take her to the ranch west of there. She also gives you a lasso to catch the calve. Before you go wandering around the desert to search for the calve, go to the right of the town and there will be the person selling elixer (who made the persons at cacto’s head grow big). You will need gold/money in order to talk to him and he is very rude, too. Keep going right until you are up in a treehouse farthest right! You will need to get the gold pan from the mine(that is locked). There is a canary flying around with the key to the mine near the mine’s entrance. Click on it and you will shoot it with your spud gun. Get the key, and unlock the door to the mine! Keep going into the mine. There is much shaking in it as well. hop on board the cart of coal cart and prepare for one heck of a ride! You must use the spud gun to shoot the buttons on the way. Whenever you see one of those buttons, shoot immediately and straight foward at the top half of the button! It will activate the bridge, which will connect with another bridge so you do not fall off! It is a long, yet easy ride. Do not worry about shooting the bats, since they will not harm you. At the end of the ride, go up the rocks and you will find the blue tulip! At the main street, by further talking to the bank owner, you might find that El mustachio is planning to rob the bank and will want you to catch him! There is also a strange man selling elixers to people, and then the elixers do all sorts of perculiar stuff to them. The other kid had his head infflated! Go back to the cactos town with the guy with the inflatting head and give him the blue tulip by clicking use in front of him. The person gives you a scrap of a map that when complete, shows the hideout of el mustachio! Now, the hard part, time to get out of town to herd those cows! Talk to the girl if you can help again. The cows should be all near the farm. press space bar to use the lasso and pull them into the ranch! Then, go back to the girl and she will give you a saddle! Then, five OTHER COWS HAD FLED AS WELL! AGGGGHHHH! YOU MUST DO THE SAME AND CATCH FIVE COWS!!!! Go back to the area and use your lasso to catch the five cows. Wait till they stop, and then precisely aim and fire with your lasso! The girl will then give you a rattle snake wrangler suit! Cool, a live snake! Go to Dusty Gulch and trade the saddle for a gold pan. After that, go back to the place where the gold mine is at and pan for a golden nugget! Go to Rock Ridge and to the person selling elixers. Use the gold nuggett and he will give you one of every potion to make you transparent/invisible and will help you in later travels! Next, go back to the trading area and return the gold pan to the person. He will say he has nothing else to give you except the oil can! The next location is in the abandoned/wrecked building of Diamond Plains.  Be careful, the place is tall and steep, one fall could be disastrous! The first plank you jump on, in the middle of the room, will break! Go to the bottom of the room and move the bottom block to to the right so you can jump on the next flight of planks. Next, go the other side of the room, and you will see a huge metal rod. Click on the apparatus on the bottom that the string, that is attachted to the metal rod is attached to. The rod will drop. Walk across it, but be careful. Another peice of wood at the end of the wood bridge will fall. Use the blocks to help you get back up if you fall. Peices of wood that are paler than others are most likely to fall. Jump over those peices and avoid them! Next, make your way to the far right of the room and deliberately/purposelly drop off the wood at the bottom of the column. Use the block at the end to push it under the ladder next to the column so that you can jump on the ladder. Jump on the ladder and climb up to the top layer. Climb up the ladder and watch out! The board on the bridge at the top will fall! Be careful on this next part, jump over the board and land on the small space/wooden plank in the top of the room. Jump again to the wooden plank higher than that. Be careful! The next plank you step on will collapse! Jump over it to the other side of the wooden bridge. You should see another device holding something up. Click on it and the rope will break, causing another bridge to be made! This next part is the hardest! If you fall, you must start ALL OVER AGAIN. There are three broken boards. Jump as quick as possible! when you land on the first one, DASH ACROSS AS QUICK AS YOU CAN AND JUMP WHEN YOU REACH THE END TO THE VAULT AT THE OTHER SIDE. Now, good thing you have oil! Use the oil to loosen the gears on the vault up!There are several key components in the middle you will need to loosen up with oil. On the big gray gear on the bottom, next to the top right of it, there are several gears. Oil them up so that all of them turn yellowish. The gears go in a long row all the way to the top where it meets another gray area! These section of gears will need to be completely oiled yellow so the gray big gears can turn! The clock tower can now turn, thanks to you! Because of that, the train has finally arrived! Go to the train station to examine the area. Ride the train. Along the way, one of the criminals will try to attack you! Use your spud shooter to keep him back! He is pretty fast on his horse so when you shoot, shoot directly in front of him so that the potato can have time to hit him! You have four lives and when you see him, shoot! You must try and stop them from reaching the front of the train! Do no let the train get robbed! Follow them and shoot a little bit in front of them when aiming! Use your combination of carbonate to allow the riders to stop for a moment so you can get a good aim! Always shoot a tad in front of them, and for the fast riders, use carbonate! Once you are done with stopping the initial robbery(hard part) go to the city with  the bank, which is rock ridge! The bank has been robbed! Too late! Talk to the bank person. Mustachio and their gang DID leave behind the second peice to their hideout! Now you have the full map to the hideout! The location should be added to your map. Move to the new location and prepare for confrontation with the notorious El Mustachio!

Act 3: Showdown
Upon entering the hideout, it’s pretty ironic and obvious it’s a secret hideout. I mean, talk about an enigmas gang of bandits! There are signs everywhere saying: no hideout here, or: go away, there is not secret hideout! What a farce! Laughable! When you are near the secret base, the people will hear something(guards). Their weapons are raised in the air. Now, drink the elixer potion that makes you invisible! Better hurry! The effect does not last forever! Move past the guards and further into the hideout. There will be a shootout! Prepare for the final showdown! You must shoot objects to force the bandits from their hiding places! Here are the objects to shoot and how to get them out of the area: criminal at far right: shoot the gun on top of the fireplace so that the gun fires and then shoots another objects in a chain reaction making the lantern knock down, which makes the bearded criminal come out! Use your carbonate concentration by pressing space so you can get a clear shot of him! Next, go to the right! The criminal is hiding behind a vault! Shoot the money bag on top of the vault so the coins knock her dizzy! Now, keep going to the FAR right until there’s another person with a black beard! Shoot the root beer bottle on top of a wood counter on the top of the room so that it is knocked down, which triggers to the reaction of a wheel, which thrusts him from his hiding spot! Then, use a small bit of conentration carbonate and quickly shoot him with your spud gun! Next, shoot the candle at the top of the far right of the room. Shoot the candle so the fire will burn the rope, and drop on the other criminal hiding behind the box. Shoot him with your spud gun. Now, for the chase. El Mustachio will escape! You must chase him through the desert on horseback! Stay a little behind him! Always keep a bit of distance so you can use your lasso to catch him! Move while attempting to catch him with the lasso! Careful, his horse is fast! Now, he is moving to fast to lasso him so chase him until you reach a river! Any river will work! I preffer the one near the ranch because it is close! Now, pull the villian back to Diamond Plains! Then, they lock el mustachio up for good! Congratulations! You have earned 100 credits after one of the hardest islands on Poptropica!
The official rating of The Poptropica Project:

Difficulty: 9.3/10
Funness: 9.4/10
enviroment: 9.5/10
overall rating: 93%: low A
hard to find items:

  • canary key: held by a canary on the mine in Rock Ridge. The mine is at the top of the area/rock ridge, and there is the canary carrying the key. To get it, shoot the canary with your spud gun, thus it will drop the key!
  • horse: recieve the horse by taming Elmer at mains street at the Ranch. (the horse’s name is Elmer)
  • Pea Shooter and Spud Gun: Receive these heavy duty cock guns by becoming the sherriff of town. To become the sherriff, you must get the horse elmer, deliver the girl’s message to the sherriff at Diamond plains by knowing who the sherriff at Diamon Plains is by winning the gum spitting game(phew), and then going to the get your potrait taken on main street and then finally going back to get your badge and gun! (phew). All of these are in the walkthrough
  • Blue Tulip: At the end of the mine in Rock Ridge
  • Oil can: gotten by trading the old saddle for the oil can, after you have used the gold pan to mine for gold
  • gold pan: recieved after trading the old saddle, which is given by the girl after helping her herd her calfs into the farm, and trading it for the gold pan.
  • gold map: recieved after winning a game of slapjack in the casino at Cactos. Use it to pan for gold using the gold pan
  • Map to hideout: One peice is given after you give the boy the blue tulip to heal his infflating noggin/head(cough). One part is found after finding it at the robbed bank later on in the story
  • medallion and victory: recieve after completing island! Hoo yeah!

There it is! Everything you need for Wild West Island! Happy hunting, poptropicans! Ep out!



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