Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 19, 2011


The creators are serving up the hottest and most exciting adventure down in Wild West Island. It’s the newest, too. All right, some good news, just finishing up with the mega pack. I’m stuck on the part of the train robbery though. Shouldn’t be too hard. You have to hold them back for like five minutes(robbers) that is. Some bad news, it’s hard, but follow our easy guide and it should be easy.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A lot of Poptropica Members are getting ready to journey to Wild West Island this weekend. Wild West Island is one of our most varied adventures to date, with a lot of different mini-games to enjoy. Here’s a quick tip that should help you get through one of them, the shooting contest, with flying colors.

Whether you’re using the pea shooter or the spud gun, you’ll have five shots available before you have to reload (by pressing that big ol’ button at the top of the screen). So watch how many shots you have left. If you don’t, you’ll still get a helpful reminder that you need to reload once you’ve run out.

But here’s the trick: Sometimes, it makes more sense to reload before you’re out of ammo. If your opponent is looking at some targets that have already been hit, take the opportunity to reload, even if you’ve only fired a shot or two. That way, when you find a batch of new targets, you’ll have all the ammo you need. You won’t have to waste valuable time reloading while your opponent shoots them out from in front of you.

Another quicky tip: go for big targets first. They give you more points. And also: shoot and move at the same time! The shooting contest has 6 whopping rounds. Lose, and it’s all over. This entirely counts on the accuracy so if you play online shooter games, should be easy and over in a snap. That’s all for now, gotta finish the mega pack. EP out.

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