Posted by: Rainbow Dash | February 21, 2011

the clues

Hello, everyone…

You might’ve heard rumors of the long lost Monster Carnival Island. In the fall of 2008, it dissapeared from the  map, I mean vanished, completely. It was replaced by 24 carrot island. We at this blog ar eccentric about it. I’ve been playing Poptropica ever since it came out, and this thing was BIG and HUGE. We now have confirmation that this was an early sketch from the mysterious and dissapeared island!

This was from a mysterious sneak peek of a never before seen island on Poptropica. The photo shows a circus and strange people in the backround.
It also shows a ringmaster. You can check out our mega hot and unique monster carnival petition page. I also wrote a letter to the executive directors of Poptropica with the link to the monster carnival petition. It is a good idea, creators: that is the message to them. When they get my long and dedicated letter, I hope one thing…..For them to mail each of us a professional wrestling monkey….jk, I suspect them to reconsider the idea. Over the course of events, the monster carnival clothings had been leaked out as well. One example is of mine with dummy eyes and also a fact monster costume. Here is the username of the leaked account

U: factmonsterpwns1

You can search it on the Avatar studio to see the exclusive leaked clothin from Monster Carnival. Thankyou to everyone that signed the petition, I hope the creators actually make this island. Here is the almost CERTAIN sneak peek of Monster Carnival:

i hope you’re all amazed…This monster carnival craze and investigation will continue on our blog. Maybe the others forgot, but not us. Come to the petition. Btw, the limit is 1 comment per day on any page, and 2 comments on the discussion page. You can also go to the chat room page. Thankyou to all who signed this petition. I hope my letter and this petiti0n works. We’ll all be heroes if it does  ;).


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