Posted by: pogostix013 | February 22, 2011

Candy and Clyde: HIGH SCORES!!!

Hey guys, me again…sorry, I’m kinda really, really happy, cuz it’s SNOWING!!! After weeks and weeks of green grass and pathetic, disgusting rain and muck, we get the beautiful, dove-white frozen chunks of awesome-ness comming down…Anywho…


Guess what?? Candy and Clyde!! This is actually a post I could read because it was one of the games that I actually play. Candy and Clyde is a game where you can chose two paths: Candy, the all-time goody two shoes. Then there’s Clyde: Destroyer of happiness, demon, and troublemaker. He is seriously evil, but (no offense to those who go with Candy..) Clyde is a lot easier to win with.

Anyways, enough about MY opinion, here’s the post: 🙂


You know the score

With one week to go in February, let’s check in on some of the high score lists in the Daily Pop. Right now we’re seeing a big spread in scores for the game “Candy & Clyde.”

Today’s high scorer, Grey Shark, is also has the high score for the week: a cool 365. But check out what’s happening below him!

Quiet Burger is crushing the competition for the month, with a monstrous score of 20,785. Well done!

Do you think you can beat Quiet Burger’s score for February? You’ve got one week left to visit the games section of the Daily Pop and find out!

Well…congratulations Quiet Burger…two-no- TWENTY THOUSAND, SEVEN-HUNDRED, EIGHTY-FIVE POINTS!!! It’s definitely enough to make your eyes bulge…It’s pretty amazing.
Sorry for the unbelievably short post…but there’s not much to say about this.
I’ll be back again, and next time with AWESOME NEWS!!! (Hopefully…)
Yay, it’s snowing!!



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