Posted by: pogostix013 | February 24, 2011

Horses are AWESOME, Crawlfishes are AWESOME….AWESOME POST!

Hey guys, it’s POGOSTIX here with a neeew creators post!

For those interested, I’m really hyped for tommorow. It’s snowing pretty much six inches or something…and it’s AWESOME. I usually never get snow up here, and you KNOW how much I get hyped for snow…I would practically do anything for snow. Oh, and a good cookie. Great cookies are hard to come by nowadays. Anyways….

So, we now have a new post from the creators blog!

Someone get me off this crazy thing!

A horse is harder to control than a pirate ship! At least it doesn’t smell as bad as my scurvy crew…

Maybe I’ll see some of you Poptropica Members on Wild West Island this weekend!

Nah, I like Skullduggery ships better. They look SO COOL, and they fire cannons….KAPOOOSH….and they don’t smell that bad…depends on if your gliding around the seas on the Jimmy Rigger or the world’s best warship.  I wonder what he means by maybe I’ll see you guys on Wild West island? Maybe he’ll be going around on his awesome horse-of-death and sign autographs and give out free items….who knows? But sadly, I certainly won’t be there…
Oh, and this is an old one, I believe. Rattatatatataaaa….Rattlesnake wrangler!

Who is the rattlesnake wrangler?

There’s a new costume floating around out there. You can’t buy it in the Poptropica Store. You can’t costumize it from another character. But you can find it somewhere on Wild West Island.

Have any of you cowpokes found the Rattlesnake Wrangler costume yet?

So it’s practically a cowboy with a green bandanna, the coolest hat ever, and whip thing. But here’s the question: How DO you wrangle a rattlesnake?? Anyways, this is a REALLY cool costume, obtainable so far only by members (Because only Members can play this island so far..). Check out Elmopwn’s Wild West Island megapack for instructions on herding the cows, and obtaining the RATTLESNAKE WRANGLER costume!!!!


Well…until next time, cya!!




PS: IT”S STILL SNOWING!!!WooooooooHOoooooooo!!!


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