Posted by: pogostix013 | March 2, 2011

Mysterious person that I’m sure we all know….if you read graphic novels/comics

Hi….I’m finally doing the post because I needed to take a break from homework. So anywho, here it is! Looks a mystery to some, but I tell ya, I’m sure we ALL know who this is. And those who don’t, you probably should read a certain graphic novel/comic about a kid with hilarious issues and even more funny solutions to his problems…


Who’s guest-starring in the next Poptropica Island?

We’ll have the official announcement later in the week. There’s definitely something… familiar… about that silhouette.
You know, I never could figure out how on earth to spell that word…silhoute? Sillihoutte? Silhouette apparently. Anyways, it looks like later on this week, we’ll have an official announcement from the Creators blog on this mysterious silhouette.
One of these days, the special guest will be a Halo: Reach Spartan or Elite. (I think Elite’s are WAY cooler….and so far, nobody has persuaded me that spartans are better)
Imagine how cool that would be playing poptropica and seeing your favorite Halo character on there….way cool.
Now if only it would come true…Hm.
Oh, and for those who aren’t members (Those poor, poor souls…like me)…weep no longer! Wild West Island is comming out March Eleventh! That’s only ten days away…and I can’t wait!
Well, it’s been a pleasure doing this post, but looks like I gotta run now.
See ya next time!



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