Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 3, 2011


Attention. do not scroll away from this page. If you play Poptropica, I am sure you haven’t heard about this yet! Thankyou to Aron, who has officially confirmed that there IS  a poptropica book! That’s right! As soon as this book is more popular, sales will spread like wildfire! like an explosion from a grenade on halo 3….well…bad simile*124%7CAcademic

That is the place you can buy it! It came out for an entire year and we DIDN’T KNOW. THAT’S #$%%@SH#%$@….pardon my language…But this guide has been UNKNOWN to us for half a year…Gotta go get a copy on my own. The guide will help you with

  • islands
  • introduction
  • customizing
  • some cheats
  • characters

and etc…hopefully they mention something about Monster Carnival in it ;). I might buy this book myself, but am having second thoughts about going around my middle school with a book with a guy in a shark costume on it….well, pogostix013 will do the next post on the new upcoming WIMPY WONDERLAND…running out of ideas, eh, creators?

ps.: my b-day, ep out!



  1. Your Birthday, Max? That’s what Ariel asked me, cuz it said that on your facebook page….but Happy Birthday!

  2. yeah kindaf…new post please. thanx why, did ariel ask u?????????

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