Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 3, 2011

Tricks and tips for Wild West

There’s another new post on the creators blog. This one has to deal with slapjack, a somewhat emo game if you play it a certain way. It hurts…trust me…like heck…

One of the games on Wild West Island is a version of the card game Slap Jack. It follows the standard rules: you and your opponents take turns dealing one card into the center pile. When somebody puts down a Jack, the first player to slap the pile wins the cards. You win when all of your opponents have run out of cards. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, it is, except for one thing: the fake-out.

When you’re dealing a Jack from your pile, you can bluff. Slide the card only partway to the center of the table, then pull it back, and there’s a chance one of your opponents might slap the pile anyway. If they do, you get a card from their draw pile.

But be careful! Your opponents will try to fake you out, too. The same rule applies: if you slap the pile before the Jack is placed, you’ll lose a card to the player who tricked you.

Good luck out there. As with everything you’ll do on Wild West Island, the stakes are high.

You know, you don’t need to know the rules of slapjack. You just need the tips from this blog. It’ll be easy as clicking a mouse…literally: As soon as you see the opponent’s hand, place your mouse in the middle and click! I don’t recommend those fake outs that you probaly might try. It’s really risky and you might lose your own cards…then again, you can lose your cards anyways. So remember these tips: slap as soon as you see the mouse, and have your hand RIGHT over the cards at all times. Their hands travel pretty slow, too. Other games involves:

-shooting contest

-cow round up

-and shoot out at the end

and followed by professional monkey wrestling….jk. Btw, it’s my b-day tomorrow. so….happy b-day to me…to me…all me….not you…jk. but yeah, happy b-day…….me…….

ep out



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