Posted by: pogostix013 | March 5, 2011

It’s a Wimpy Wonderland, and a few hyper-hopping bunnies…

Heya…we have a new Creators post apparently, about a new island based off of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I don’t know if I’ve told you, but I’m HORRIBLE at guessing, so it’s pretty much the second or first time I guessed these things right. So here’s the post:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Announcing the next Poptropica Island: Wimpy Wonderland!

You guessed right: the next Poptropica Island is set in the world of Diary of a Wimpy Kid! It’s called “Wimpy Wonderland,” and you can get all the details about it on our new Wimpy Wonderland info page.

Even better, you can log onto Poptropica right now for a sneak preview of Wimpy Wonderland. Just go to the map screen and fly your blimp to Wimpy Wonderland Island.

You’ll see a few familiar characters on Main Street, including Greg Heffley.

We’ll have more details on Wimpy Wonderland, including when it will be available, very soon.

First things first: How I wish it was snowing here again…but Captain Crawl fish doesn’t have any winter gear on: He must be freezing! Anyways, this sneak peak, for some reason, reminds me of Big Nate and Great Pumpkin Island, except animated in a different manner. For some reason, playing with that whole lined-paper background made me go dizzy…especially when I jump around. I’ve only done a little bit of this, and I don’t know if there’s more, but you can go around and talk to people, but not go into any of the buildings. There’s a few older jerks to the left who tell you to get the @#$%^ out of there, two younger kids (One with a sled and picks his nose occasionally, and one who is playing with a snow man ). And there’s an adult…and then…..that’s right! GREG HEFFLEY! Star of  Diary of a Wimpy Kid, apparently, he sticks around for a while, and says he’s going inside to play video games (What I would’ve done…) So you go to the left pretty much, and go find Manny. You follow him up the tree, and eventually he jumps, and WHUP  you lost him.  You’ll have to wait until it’s released to play anymore, I believe. I couldn’t find him….which leads me to believe it ends there for now.
Also, for those who didn’t know, there’s this Hop ad, for this movie called Hop. Spoilers up ahead…
So, the ad involves many things, including a treasure hunt and a few activities. I’ll go over them:
Treasure Hunt:

The first one is in Early Poptropica. Go to the right, and you see the first Multiplayer room, and on the roof (With the pink neon lettering) is the golden peice of candy.

The second one is in Spy Island.  Go to the right, jump to the roof of the head quarters, and use the rope to bounce near the top of the second building (Where you get the chameleon suit) There should be a golden bunny.

The third one is in Shark Tooth Island. Go up to the Multi-player room roof, where you hop to the right side of the straw roofing, and there should be a blue gummy bunny (I love saying that out loud…gummy bunny…) there.

The fourth one is found in 24 Carrot Island. Go to the gas station, and go up to the sign on the gas station. There should be some sort of candy there (Forgot what it was…)

The last three are found inside the Hop ad room itself. So going in, you see several things. First off, go to the actual ad, (Not the Poptropica’s got Talent building, but the one shaped like an egg) and hop up. There’s a blue candy up on the roof. Then, slightly to the left, jump down, and there’s a red candy hiding in a bush. Lastly, there’s a green gummy bunny on the roof of Poptropica’s got Talent.

Congratulations: You know have a bunny costume and a bunny-er-izer….you should go check it out, and if anyone’s actually kind enough, drop me a comment on how the bunny-er-izer is actually spelled…..I really like that word for some reason.

Hop Ad Room:

So first off, you have to pass three grueling challenges to win. The first one, is a Candy Sorter, where you have to catch the correct candy. There’s no general strategy, and I have to say it’s pretty easy, considering you have six tries. The second one, is called some sort of Bunny Training…I don’t know, I’ll have to see it. It’s like a dog chase or something. So anyways, the best route is to go UP, as the dogs can’t stay up there. There’s a bunny hopper thing, but you mustn’t take it for granted. You can hop it once, and it’s all over. Go to the right when you get in, and jump over the two dogs…and when ready, jump on the hopper. It propells you up into the air and onto first plat form.Keep jumping right, and keep in mind that there’s a falling section on the jumps. Eventually, you’ll come to an area where you can’t jump any more, so get down, jump from box to box, avoiding the dogs, and get to the end. Again, you have six “lives” before the dogs finally get you. The last one is the egg balance, and for me, was incredibly difficult, because I’m a total klutz at most things. You should try to keep to the center, and just don’t let it touch the egg. (It’s fine if the flying objects touches the spoon though.) Afterwards, you should get an activity sheet…and an peice of candy to hold.

note: in order to keep ad room items, just don’t log in for a week and the servers won’t remove it for you! -elmopwns

(This ad room might not be available to everyone…for some reasons, my bro couldn’t get it…)

Well, that’s it for now, see ya next time…




  1. clap, clap, clap! NICE POST! btw, that assembly we had today was really, really, really morbid…def:

    characterzing to abnormal, disturbing, or unhealthy taste of genera…

    the shooting part was reaallllyyyy morbid….they tried to make u write a diary, too…

    • Yeah, it was a long assembly…

    • That was a long post though….

    • Wait, maxwell, it was your birthday???

      How come you never said???

      • Well then, Happy Birthday! (Late, I know…sorry)

  2. I was the first person to finish this! Me is so happy!

  3. its spelled bunnizer on poptropica

    • k…well…kindaf close…ughhh….have to study for 60 point test….

      • Oh crap…the test…

  4. I want tp be member in poptropica and i want to finish all the mission and i want to look very nice and all the quest.

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