Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 5, 2011

out of the store?

Ok…so it has now officially been two years since the poptropica store opens. And with over dozens of dozens of costumes…i’d say the storage device is running out….watch out folks…this could be the start of something horrific…something REALLY horrific…

Hey hey, my my — rock and roll can never die. But the rock star costume will be gone from the Poptropica Store very soon.

As always, Poptropica Members can access all of the costumes in the store for free, and non-Members can buy the costume with credits. Either way, time is running out for you to get your hands on your own rocker outfit, before it heads to the great gig in the sky.

Rock on!

Something TRULY horffic….imagine everything dissapearing…imagine that beloved renegade robot alien costume…that halo reach costume…jk, that would be cool though along with the grenade launcher ;). Imagine the crusader knight costume dissapearing to make room for more…this is the beggining of the end of the first generation of costumes…which includes these that will soon dissapear all togeher

first generation of costumes:

  • samurai
  • rock star
  • alien robot renegade costume
  • mouse costume
  • retro robot
  • space sentry
  • sky warrior
  • baseball player
  • hamburger
  • ice cream
  • pirate
  • ninja
  • knight
  • sword dueler

this could be the end….


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