Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 11, 2011

Now out

You know the drill, wild west island is now officially out! I reccomend you play in the nighttime when the servers are not as swamped ;). Earlier today, poptropicans swarmed the website to play the all new island! For easy to beat island guides, go to our walkthroughs/mega packs page and scroll down to Wild West island! I sense that this new wimpy wonderland won’t be as long and will kindaf be like the halloween island thing with the great pumpkin. Happy gaming, poptropicans. The wimpy wonderland post will be availbale soon….

roll out castle crashers…err poptropicans…heheh…

with the elements of fire, ice, water, poison, and sushi…..jk, but have fun and use our wild west guide!

-ep out!

castle crashers!



  1. well…I already completed this…no hw this weekend….xbox turned on…grades perfect A’s…halo 3 and castle crashers set to launch…bingo….ep out. good luck every1…

  2. Ah….I don’t QUITE have perfect “A”s, but Anurag’s helping me without knowing it. He’s shooting me the “serious look” whenever I say I’m going to fail, and I think I’m doing better already.

    Yep, xbox on…et cetera…..our study’s a mess: We have paper airplanes flying all over the place, and stuff….

    Say, am I going to your house tommorow? By tommorow meaning Saturday?

  3. There should be a sushi element…that’ll pwn.

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