Posted by: pogostix013 | March 17, 2011

FINE, I’ll do the post NOW.

Yeah yeah, this’ll be a quick one, ep’s bothering me while I’m studying, so I gotta do this quick. I don’t want to fail my science final either….

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Congratulations to the first 10 finishers of Wimpy Wonderland!

Wimpy Wonderland has been available to Poptropica Members for only a day, and already hundreds of players have completed the adventure. Here are the first 10 people to finish Wimpy Wonderland. 

1. Lone Dragon
2. Greedy Runner
3. Quick Skull
4. Strange Octopus
5. Popular Crush
6. Wild Ghost
7. Bashful Moon
8. Mad Leaf
9. Big Spinner
10. Messy Eel
We can’t wait to see many more of you earn the Wimpy Wonderland medallion in the days and weeks ahead. 


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Yeparoo, and congratulations! Do you realize that you could actually go onto a binary decoder website and decode the message at the bottom? For instance, this one says “he’s in the laundromat?” *GASP*!!! It could be a clue on a new island…(Big thanks to for being the best and my favorite binary decoder….)Additionally, do you realize how some people are customizing as Hades now? I suppose it’s SORT of a glitch, especially since my BROTHER can now get any handheld item, including a skateboard from early poptropica and YES…the skull staff.
Heheheh. I have to admit…I’m one of those “Hades” customizers. Not because I want to pose as the creator…because I seem to be the only one that thinks he has a cool costume, especially the staff. Also, another new post…aw man, I’m running out of time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Your daily paper

Poptropica Members don’t just get Early Access to Wimpy Wonderland. They also a get a free bonus item! 

Any Members who play Wimpy Wonderland during the Early Access period will get the special Paper Girl or Paper Boy costume and ability.

With the costume, you can turn yourself into a lined paper wonder, right out of the Wimpy Kid universe!

Even better, you can paperize anybody else you see anywhere in Poptropica — even Director D.!

So, Members, log on now to play Wimpy Wonderland and get your free Paper Girl or Paper Boy Gold Card. If you’re not a Member, you canbecome a Member and get the Card along with Early Access to Wimpy Wonderland. (And keep in mind that this Card will live in your store items inventory section.)

You’ll be able to keep this Card forever, even if you cancel Membership later, but 0nce the Early Access period is over, the Card will be gone. Don’t miss your chance!

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Yeaaaah….this one’s kinda weird. Paperizer? Okay….but those guys look like ZOMBIES. Er…check that, mummies. Yeah, I meant mummies. With visible mouths, and minus the creepy stuff.

Ugh. NOW I gotta go, see ya tho.

SHAH! (My new greeting….I can’t tell you what it is though. It’s actually an acronym…Guess and leave comments some time…I’ll see if you guess right. :D)




  1. Hahahaha, SHAH lol.

    I love that.

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