Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 17, 2011

Wimpy Wonderland guide.


for personal enjoyment, I present you: Manny…the snow truck driving, senior citizen car driving, mega hopping, ninja…he can jump higher than you…therefore he is ninja…

Upon entering mains street, go over to Greg. He will tell you that Manny has gone missing and you will need to search the house for clues. Go to Greg’s residency/abode to the left. Then, into the house. You will find nothing there excpept a diary entry by Greg. Go to his room and jump around until you hit the diary entry. There is also an adress book that is bright green on the right room of the top floor. Get that. Then, start your search on the other houses. Upon walking foward through the streets, there is a kid stuck in a snowman, and rodney outside. if you click on his door, then his dad becomes angry and says he is trying to work. Go to Rodney and ask him for his tobaggan. He says his dad wouldn’t allow him to lend it out. Nothing here, keep going left until you reach Gramma Street. There are patch of trees, a laundromat, and another house. Inside Greg’s grandma’s house, she says she will help you look for Manny if you shovel the street. You will need a shovel. Having nothing left to find on the left side of town, go over to mains street. Keep going right until you reach the school. At one of the evergreen trees, there is a scrap of paper with coordinates. Pick that up. The school is abandoned and closed so you can’t go in it. Keep going right. The retirment home, leisure towers, will not let anyone except people over 21 inside. Nothing there, keep going left. On Whirely street, you have finally found the long lost shovel! it comes with a price though! The kids on Whirley street are throwing snowballs! You must jump up/ dodge the snowballs until you reach the shovel! Once receiving the shovel, go back to Gramma street to shovel the person’s walk. There is a little game. you mist shovel/clear the driveway before you get too cold! Tips: When shoveling, shovel a large amount and move your mouse as quick as you can! Try to get as much as you can! Do not skip areas when shoveling! She said she wanted to look for manny soon, but she didn’t want to miss the early bird game of bingo at leasier towers. Go over to leisure towers (what a responsible grandmother I say sarcastically! Your own grandson is missing and you still want to win a game of bingo!). Now, Go back over to Rodney. Someone has stolen his bike! Then, talk to him and boom! Manny comes down, full speed, on his bike! Grab the bike. Back at Surrey street, Roddney is gone, but Manny is on mainstreet. Follow Manny’s every movement! If he jumps on a tree, do the same. etc. A loading sign will eventually occur and he will keep running to the school. So keep going over until you reach the kid that was building the snowman. What you want to do is go over the dropped carrot! Pick it up then head over to the school. Manny will be jumping up on the ledges and into the school. You do not have the ability to jump that high though and will need something else! BTw, before going to Act 2, just wanted to mention something; Why does the items you pick up have color but everything else not have color? WTH? Everyone knows color is because light bounces off of it…a black hole would suck light in so there’s no color then…cool! Black hole?! And Manny is a ninja!!!! Didya see him like jump on top of that building in like a second?! Ninnnjjaaaaa!!!!…..that’s what happens after 3 cups of java and 2 consecutive nights of 2 hour homework in a row….well, proceed to the hunt Act 2: Hunt for Manny You will need another resource. Go over to Surrey street then over to the kid stuck in the snowman that says “mrrff” whenever you click on him. Press use on the carrot and the carrot will go on and he will say “Can you get me out of here?”. You do not have the resources either to get him out! Go back to Surrey Street to Greg’s house. Greg is busy playing the twisted wizard video game. Inside Greg’s house, go over to the locked door/laundromat. There will be a note on it and you will need to examine it. It says, Frank Greg’s dad’s laundromat is broken and he took it there to examine. Again, you will need a chain of events to solve this mystery. If you try to reach the ledge that Manny jumped to, you won’t be able to jump that high, so instead, walk over to the trash bing and push the bin onto the left end of the sea – saw. The walk past the sea saw. Jump up on the tree as high as you can, then, jump onto the see – saw from that branch. If you land in the right spot, the bin should get plunged up to the first ledge of the school. If not, then start this step again.Then, once in the school chase Manny down the halls. A loading sign will appear as you chase him. Next,exit the school and go over to liesure towers. Jump up the flights until you get up the towers and chase for manny. he’ll run out the main door, but before you run out that door, look through all the lockers on the bottom floor, seeing if you can click on one. When you get the hand icon on one, click on it and then enter the numbers: 9, 37, 15 from the scrap of paper you found.. The locker door will open and you’ll find a Twisted Wizard game guide. Next, go to leisure towers and up the roof to search for Manny! Jump from window to window. You will have to dodge items thrown down by crabby old people! They will throw stuff down and slam windows to knock you off(sheesh! just trying to find a missing kid, seniors!) Here are tips: When jumping from window to window, do not go to windows that are opened and about to be slammed closed. when they open the windows, quickly JUMP to another window! Bingo! Also, the game uses a variation/coded factor to determine which windows open and close. If you keep hopping up ones on the side, normally they won’t open or slam close! And plus, if the ones on the side do knock you off, then you will merely be knocked to the ones on the middle! Go to the top and to the window of the very right. You will see it open. Go in. In it is Greg’s Grandfather. He is sleeping so click on him to wake him up. Talk to him and ask him where Manny is. He says he will tell you over lunch, which is actually another minigame. You will need to click your mouse as fast as you can to “keep your salad down”. It’s kindaf a funny game, too! You must click rapidly to keep your salad down or you stary burping like some freak…meanwhile, the old guy just talks and talks and talks about stuff like “Last monday a plumber came in and started fixing this faucet that was going like drip, drip, and drip” All you have to do is click as fast as you can until you finish the salad (icon at right). So i adivse you do this: 1. take a deeeeep breath…exhale….2. put two fingers (middle and pointer) on the mouse. Three. press start. Four: Go crazy! Just click as fast as you can like some sort of penguin on a sugar rush…Once you finish clicking (click the dialouge he is saying btw…rapidly!) then he will show you where Manny is through the security cams. He is riding…one of those old man cars…through….the base of the towers..once again…sigh…go down, but through the towers this time! If you knock on the people’s doors, they will tell you to go away. You can choose to walk through all 34 floors through the elevator (boy, creators,running out of ideas are we, eh?) yeah, they designed 34 floors just full of old people telling you different insults…you can choose to listen…nah, who am i kidding. Go out the window instead and Manny is gone. Go back to Greg’s house with the Twisted Wizard Guide. He’ll then give you the game and asks you to give that to Rowley. Rowley’s dad is pretty strict and uptight and all that stuff so don’t bother knocking on the door. Rowley will tell you not to jump on his car. Jump on it, then hide in the bushes. Once his dad comes out, quickly jump through the door into Rowley’s house! Then return the video game and tumbler bike to Rowley. He’ll give you a Joshie member card. Use that card to go back to Greg’s house so you can unlock the laundromat door. Click on the power switch there to turn off the power. Roderick will get angry and finall come out from the garage. Go down into the garage/roderick’s room and grab the leaf blower. Use the leafblower to melt the snowman, which is Freggley. He will give you a weird looking troll doll. Then, go back to the first floor of lesiure towers. Greg’s Grandma will give you a CD if you win a bingo game with her. Use the CD to drive the teens away at the snack store. Put the cd in the music box and crank up the noise! THe teenagers will be driven away! As a token of thanks, the owner will give you the anti freeze liquid.Run to the truck near the school and use the anti freeze liquid to unfreeze the car windshield. Complete the little minigame and the man will have his car all ready. Walk back to Surrey street to Greg’s house. Greg is playing video games and will tell you that Manny is most likely searching for his blanket. Exit the house and you will see Manny driving the car(ninjjjaaaa!). Keep going to Gramma street since the car will move the snow away from the laundromat! Walk in there and you will find Manny with..of course, his blanket. Click on him and then go outside. The whirley street kids are throwing snowballs…again! Help Greg push a snowball to squash them!!! YES! MY FAVORITE PART! DESTROYING YOUR ENEMIES WITH A TON OF SNOW IS FUN!…sorry, coffee…Sled home(cool! Rapid speed!) and Greg’s mom will congratulate you. Thank goodness she didn’t worry about Manny…what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her…Recieve the medallion and you are DONE. Happy hunting, ep out!

ps: Today’s been a really good day on the note of blogging! We did a Japanese warlord simulation and whenever we have two armies in one province, we have showdowns by answering school questions to take them out! I battled my way in the showdown without missing ANY through three provinces and captured their capital and ruled their nation!!!! muuahahahahahaha!!!! by the next few weeks…we might rule all of Japan in the simulation ;)…plus: no homework, got passed a hard part on Poptropica, all school write tomorrow…time to roll…

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  1. Thanks for the guide (:
    BTW: i cant seem to access the last part (getting into the laundro mart) i talk to Greg but he says “Cant talk Concentrating!” So i dont get the part where im supposed to see manny, any idea what should i do?

    • Click open on the curtains.

    • You’re welcome. I spent some time, too.

    • Click on the curtains right next to greg. It will let light into the room, and he’ll scream about it burning. Then he’ll tell you what manny is doing, and when you leave the house, you’ll see manny.

      • Yep

    • To get greg’s attention, you need to poen the curtain.

  2. Help, I can’t get into Rowley’s house!! I get the swirly-icon instead of an “Enter” button!

    • If u haven’t gone throu step by step to secretly hide in the bushes then get into his house, read the guide. If not, it should be a mouse that when u click it u get to go in. Otherwise, follow the stpes, u might’ve did something wrong.

  3. I can’t find greg’s grandma

    • Shes on surrey street!

      • I mean the one you play bingo with.

    • the one u play bingo with is in the leisure towers. If you still can’t go in, you need to follow the other steps and might’ve missed something mentioned in the guide. It could be:

      -you haven’t chased Manny through the school yet (how to do it is in guide)
      -you haven’t chased Manny up through the rooftops of Leisure tower yet.

      otherwise, once done, the door to the lobby at Leisure Towers should be open. She should be doing Bingo.

  4. ACK! I can’t find grandma! I found her house, shoveled her driveway, chased manny through the school, and I saw manny on the security tapes. In that order! Did I do something horribly wrong? I have searched over google for like an hour and didn’t find anything to help me with my problem. Also I’m not a member, does that affect my ability to finish?

    • Uhhh, no, it shouldn’t affect it. But u might’ve missed some other things like going back to gregs house, returning him the video game guide, and then sneaking into rowleys house to return the game to him, then getting the credit card from rowley to unlock the laundromat in gregs room, and turning off the power so his brother comes out of his room, getting the dog bowl there, getting the leaf blower from the garage, and then going back to freggley or the snowman so you could met him away. Fregley gives you the bingo plsying stamp and you go back to leisure towers, if you missed that, it might be the reason…but, if u did all of that, something screwy happened and you should probaly go to the bottom of the pop tropic maing page and click contact us button.

  5. I am rude for commenting bad comments

    Ep: good get out please.

  6. ugh the door to the bingo room isn’t open grammy is not there! HELP HELP HELP HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i meant the door was open and grammy isn’t there….

    • Did you play the mini game with the shoveling the snow from her driveway? If so, contact poptropica.

  8. I finished playing the game with greg and then I don’t know where he went and now I need to get into the laudromat but I can’t and when I go to greg’s housed he’s not there. What do I do?
    The guy said I need to find a way to get the windshield wiper fluid to a certain amout and I think I need to get something from the laundromat!! But I can’t!!

    • follow the guide to the part with the school/ wiper fluid near the truck a the school.

  9. Do you need to beat the level in twisted wizard?

  10. im stuck i got the guide but theni have 2 play the game n it dosent say use so i can give it 2 greg

  11. it wont let me use the ani freeze stuff on the car…am i doing something wrong?

  12. hi i need help when i go to greg to find manny
    and he has to beat the level on the guide
    it says examine instead of use

    HEELP!!! me plz

  13. i’m on wimpy wonderland island, and the point is that, manny ran into the school and i opened the locker with the right co-ordanits and got the guide…. but the problem is that it say’s “examine” instead of “use”. So i went to greg’s house and pressed on the t.v and i thought i finally got it…….!!!!!! but i lost the game. But i think i did somthing worng in the school, because i went out the door instead of the window. and i needed help so i went onto the walk throught guide and all the little dudes, wnet out the window of the school!!!!!!! have i done somthing wrong?????

  14. im stuck i got the guide but theni have 2 play the game n it dosent say use so i can give it 2 greg

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