Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 19, 2011

runescape, outlaws, and paper cartoon boys

First things off, I’m officialy addicted to another game: Runescape. That’s right, besides Poptropica, it has to be the best mmorpg on the web. check it out.

i’ve literally been filling my mind the last few days with:

  • creating a mage in the game
  • finding runes(spell components) to practice levlling up my magic xp and cast spells, using the whole point of the game: runes
  • going around random cities in the massive world and randomly assualting and slashing men and farmers and knights with my scrimitar blade and staff of air
  • collecting coins from dead bodies
  • trying to buy some new weapons
  • going on raids through the Valador
  • etc.

So if you’re wondering where I’m going to be 50 percent of this weekend, right in front of THIS screen slashing people with a sword…level 7 already…boo yeah….

Now, down to business. you’ve heard the slang “we’re in for some chop?”* (copyright bungie (c) ) then,

we’re in for some chop;

We have some exciting news for our fellow Poptropicans! Thanks to our friends at 20th Century Fox, who made the new movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, now everyone can play Wimpy Wonderland during the Early Access period.

We hope this gives non-Members a taste of how much fun it is to be one of the first to play a new Island. And remember, Poptropica Members who play Wimpy Wonderland during the month of March still get something no one else does — the Paper Girl or Paper Boy Gold Card — and it’s yours to keep forever!

THAtttt’s right, boys and girls. Thanks to the all new advertsied movie, you get to keep a PAPER BOY AND PAPER GIRL COSTUME AND LOOK LIKE SOME CARTOON CHARACTER STRAIGHT FROM THE FUNNIES(in a sarcastic voice)!…wait a minute, isn’t that what your player looks like already? A cartoon figure in a 2d world??? You also get early access so if anyone didn’t notice the current hottest post (u can view the hottest posts on the right bar/menu of the blog), then get going to the guide…unless you actually want to be a hardcore player and try to get past that part that took even a halo player (me) 2 hours to get past with trying to get into the school….then go for it 😉

Next up…the outlaw gang. Want to be the next new “baddie” on the next new island? Here’s your chance to be…the outlaw….(western music)….I can see a good costume coming out of THIS one:

If you’ve been to the Poptropica Store lately, you might have noticed a couple of new Wild West themed costumes. Girls can get a Wild West Peacemaker or Wild West Outlaw, and boys can get a Wild West Lawman or Wild West Outlaw costume.

Are you a bandit or a marshal? Make your choice in the Poptropica Store!

Ever notice how they don’t actually fire bullets? Ever notice that the only thing that happens is a flag popping out and going like “bang”? Poptropica would-and I mean this seriously- make more money if they actually had weapons that fired bullets and…well…knocked someone unconcious? nah, it’d have to be like Halo to sell, there’d actually be violence then. And no one in Poptropica ever dies either. Dr. Hare going into space? Why is he still a contestant on RTV? Shouldn’t he have chocked like…oh…i dunno….2 and a half years ago when 24 carrot came out? And in my opinion(cough, cough!)…there’s nothing interesting about being a lawman…except sueing the last remaining penny out of someone…but still, if you’re a renegade or rebel, you get to just go into a town and start shooting randomly…if they ACTUALLY HAD bullets on Poptropica….say…shooting randomly? This sounds familiar…like halo 3! Well…I don’t have much hw, only reading a few pages for test and some vocab words i do sometime tonight….maybe a piano lesson in….30 min…well, time to roll…and then halo and runescape…

ep out


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