Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 21, 2011

the daily weekly LOL

Read the title? You’re probaly wondering what this is all about. Sure, we might be talking about halo 3 alot, maybe some hints of runescape, and a lot of cool stuff on Poptropica, but this? Weekly lol’s? You think SOMEONE ran out of ideas? Nah, you’re gonna like this. So starting today, each week we’ll have a new LOL. There’s gonna be a whole new page on this(kindaf like the Poptropica Logs) and you’re going to like these…like fail pic section on this blog…but different.

The daily weekly…the daily weekly….the daily weekly…LOL


This week on the Daily LOL, we’re going to be addresing some questions viewers on the blog asked. To keep their identities anonymous, we will not be mentioning names, only the searchers that people made (many from newbies on Poptropica)…here we go:

how do you brst wimpy wonderlsnd on poptropica?

answer: Burst??? First off, spelled wrong. Secondly, brst? What? You want to “brst” an island? I’m not sure I actually want to know what that means :/

poptropica hack pack

Answer: Ok…whoever made this OBVIOUSLY has seriously nothing else to do than hack Poptropica with mods. Let’s face it, this blog has to be the best out there in terms of content and cheats…sure, we have the largest glitches/cheats section…but HACK? We’re talking about using codes to actually and deliberately break into their servers…Unless you want to go to jail…don’t do it, buddy!

i love candy poptropica hop

answer: Yes…this sugar rush must explain the comment….

which side of the sea-saw do you put the trash can on in wimpy wonderland island on poptrpica?

answer: Remember when you had to put the trash can on one side of the seasaw in Wimpy Wonderland? And remember how one side faces the school and you can actually get it on top on that side, and one side doesn’t face the school? lol, not at you, just the akward question.

how do you eat the salad in wimpy wonderland

answer: Remember when you had to eat the salad? Answer: umm, your computer has a screen…right? You can see your character automatically eating it….unless you don’t have one ;)…lol right there….

where to get the gold tray in poptropica wild west

answer: I don’t remember a gold tray except a gold nugget…

drive teens crazy on poptropica

answer: Another guy that has WAY to much free time on Poptropica. First off, even though I’m over teen, not many of my “kind” play this pwnage game and would probaly laugh if they see this blog. Secondly, drive teen crazy? How do you know their teens?…unless…you tracked them?………akkkwaaaaarrrrd…..

in the bingo hall on poptropica which one is greg’s grandma

answer: Remember when you had to play bingo with Greg’s Grandmother on Wimpy Wonderland? You just saw her like fifteen minutes ago…I suspect some short term memory loss MIGHT be the problem….

poptropica school is closed kids entered window

answer: What the? This is another one of those “I don’t really get it…” q’s. Yeah, school is closed…kids jump in through windows on Wimpy Wonderland? Might want to retype that lol search?

is there a cheat to get infinite concentration carbonate in wild west island

answer: Another one of those “hacker” want to be’s. No, we’re not going to hack the game. There is no cheat, lol…

how to get roly card wimpy wonder on poptropica

answer: What? Roly card wimpy? I suspect some guy was eating tooo many twix bars and has a meltdown?

was a new poptropica island revealed and then gone

answer: This is actually a win question. Yes, monster carnival was it, replaced by 24 Carrot island.

that’s all we’re gonna do. There are even more hilarious ones…8:31, tomorrow a school day…sorry, gtg do halo 3, everyone. Come back next week for more lol’s…be sure to check 0ut Poptropica style fails for self entertainment…..


-MaxMaxMighty is xbox live gamertag, add me?


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