Posted by: pogostix013 | March 25, 2011

TGIF…oh, and new post, but Fridays are a little better, after the week I had…

Heya guys, new post…and happy FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Check out the Wimpy Wonderland trailer!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Wimpy Wonderland yet, this trailer might whet your appetite.

Remember that Wimpy Wonderland is open to everyone during Early Access, but only Members will get the Paper Boy or Paper Girl costume.
WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I don’t know if it displays the video, but it’s another one of those trailers. I haven’t gotten to playing it yet, because I’m stuck on the train part of West Island. But either way, it’s still seems pretty fun, and I’ll get to play it soon.
In the video, he says that his “grandpa will talk about it over lunch”, aaaand it brings us to the NEXT post.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watercress salad?


avatar image

First of all, watercress salad is DISGUSTING.
Okay, just kidding, I haven’t tried it before, so I wouldn’t know. But usually, these things don’t turn out right.  Poor Mr. Crawlfish…he looks stressed out. Who wouldn’t while listening to an old man ramble? It’s just ridiculous. I hope this doesn’t happen in real life or I’m SCREWED.
Well, that should be it…it’s a pretty dang short post, but I haven’t gotten to doing poptropica in a while, and my brother got my computer all messed up. He’s a wonderful little kid….but still evil. -_-
Until next time, it’s good bye.


  1. Lol. TGIF btw. This is from the ipad and word press just changed their formats for apple and Microsoft tablets. Everything is cooler than the actual format and easy to read! There’s actually a home age with the newest posts and pictures on front! Also, lol evil littlenbrother…its been a pretty badnweek form me too. Mr. Krkham is kindsf mean sometimes and he yells A LOT and its not like yelling but pretty much just talking really really loud getting super angry if u do somethingn”interrupting the class” when i was justntrying tog et my calculator back :(. And he keeps saying its interrupting just for trying to grt my stuff back and its notnlikenthe person talking cant hear u or is being interrupted for like three seconds and he’s way too serious about that sort of stuff or uptight..he’s kindaf a bad teacher 😦

  2. Yeah ot hasn’t been a good week either. Mr. Kirkham is way too uptight and I was just grtting my calculator back when he said I was interrupting the class really mad and was “being intteruptive”. He takes things to seriously. If u don’t flip ur spiral out in the first five min. He flips it out for u and says really loud “do u actually want to get started on this ?!” so yeah, he’s way too strict and I almost went to the blc just for trying to get memcalculatornback in like three seconds time! It’s not like if I not even that loud try to get my calculator back in three seconds that its going to interrupt someone. Sure, if ur talking it might but its not that serious. He’s kidnaf a bad teacher…a really uptight teacher. And word press changedntheir formats for iPad, too. Now, u actually have a front page in a sort of new format where there’s a front age and list o all the pages and the post looks like a twitter one instead of a regular blueish one. But it was a horrible friday cause of mr. K. Not entirely bad. I still went with smauel to the wilderness and forgotten cementary…

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