Posted by: pogostix013 | March 29, 2011

You got a high score of HWAAAAAAAAAAT??

I can’t believe it.


Friday, March 25, 2011

A Smashing good time

Time for another check of the ol’ leaderboards in the Daily Pop games section. Here’s a look at your current leaders in the brick-obliterating game “Smashing.”

Not bad! As of this writing, the day’s high score belongs to Incredible Boa, with a respectable 106,000 points. The high score for the week is property of Brave Eel, whose 511,500 points almost quintuple Incredible Boa’s. But your leader for the month is…

Grumpy Lightning, with a staggering score of 1,199,000. Well done, Grumpy Lightning!

While we’re at it, let’s see how your old pal Captain Crawfish is doing.

All right, not so great. It was a practice round. If I’d been playing for real, I’d have beaten Grumpy Lightning easily.

Grumpy Lightning’s record will stand for another week before monthly scores reset next Friday, April 1, so if you want to beat him and see your name in lights for March, you’d better get cracking! Or smashing, as it were.

avatar image

The guy who thought of that face is awesome, because that’s how I feel right now. Yep, count it, that’s about a MILLION+ POINTS. Man that guy’s good.
WELL CONGRATLATIONS MISTER GRUMPY LIGHTNING!! You have my respect. After all, i can’t get a Million ANYTHINGS.
Maybe a million B+’s…..but….anyways, there’s another post.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wild West classic costumes

Poptropicans are loving the peacemaker and outlaw costumes that we released to the Poptropica Store a couple of weeks ago. Did you know there are some older costumes in the store that would fit right in on Wild West Island?

The cowboy and cowgirl costumes give you that classic western look, and at only 75 credits each, they’re less expensive than the new costumes, too. Of course, for Poptropica Members, all costumes are free to wear.

Don’t forget that you can mix and match pieces from different costumes to create your own unique style. Let’s see what kinds of Wild West creations you can come up with!

avatar image

Wait, Black Widow is an author??? Um…somebody explain that to me, but eh, what the heck.  Ah, how I loved the old costumes. Gives me a rather…comforting feeling of nostalgia. I remembered when there were only…heck three or four islands, and the costumes were all pretty basic. Agh, maybe I’m just crazy. But still, 75 credits…it’s a luxury I can’t afford. That is, unless I beat Wild West island, but that’s still pretty much IMPOSSIBLE. After all, the train thing is pretty hard, and for those who can’t get past it…I feel your pain. The main tip is to LEAD YOUR SHOTS. Anyone play Halo knows that you SHOULD lead your shots (Follow the nose of the guy…it takes time for the bullet to fly through the air majestically and… you get the idea.) It should be fine, and everyone says it, but it’s just best to go with instinct. And reload when you get the chance to, even if you have four bullets out of five. You won’t get the chance to reload during an epic shoot out between you and the evil guys.


Ugh, who am I to talk….I haven’t beaten it yet.


Well good luck, and good night.




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