Posted by: pogostix013 | March 30, 2011

Bibimbap? Bi bim bap? BOOM!New post!

Sorry for the title….Korean dishes are sooo good. And who doesn’t like to say Bi Bim BAP!!??? Best. Food. Ever. (At least I love it’s name.)


Anywho, here’s the post.


Prank Cans!

Introducing the new super colossal, high tech innovation from Poptropica Labs.

You and your friends will have hours of fun playing with:
Mixed Nuts, Peanut Brittle, Haam,
and who could forget delicious Dried Peas!

COMING SOON to the Poptropica Store.

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Mime’s are creepy (or so my friend at school says), but this one brings VALUABLE news. Prank Cans? This can be a LIFE CHANGER. Dried peas? Yes PLEASE! I can throw them at people, or something. Stick ’em up my nose and call them dried boogers. Gross all my friends out…nah. Ham? Ofcourse! And all the other good stuff that comes in cans! Except they’re PRANK. I wonder what’s really inside them? Bi bim bap? Naaaah.
Oh, and ANOTHER new post.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you sneaked a peek lately?

Have you visited the Daily Pop lately? If not, you’re missing out on special sneak peeks of what we’re working on, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Every day, you can see a new image of something we’re working on. Sometimes it’s a new Island, as in the picture above. Other times, you’ll see early looks at new store items or costumes, or even behind-the-scenes sketches from the earliest days of Poptropica. Sneak Peeks is updated every weekday, so check back often!

avatar image

Heya, ol’ Crawlfish….missed ya. Yeah, I kinda missed that….the sneak peeks I just don’t check. I don’t know WHY, but I haven’t been on poptropica lately. *sniffle* Yeah, shame on me, but don’t shun me, I’m still a loyal fan.
Since we can go on commentary all the time, then there’s really no point in checking this, right? WRONG.
Cuz it’s….
All the stuff you missed in sneak peaks.
Well, only three of them, but they’re the latest ones, assuming you check them regularly.
That’s kinda depressing. But since I can’t come up with some witty remark, I’ll just give you the picture. And a bit info. He has a pencil on his ear, and a cellphone…. (Dang, a better phone then mines.) and an old tire swing that gets me nostalgic. Okay, okay….just give me a moment. Okay, all better. There’s a soccer ball and a football (Dur) but the interesting thing is that the LIGHT is on. The pointer is even on it….maybe it’s a demon? demented lights? Or maybe it’s something creepier… *shudders* Yeah, I get frightened a lot. I need to man up.
Next one:
Not much to say about this. But that is a WICKED dragon. Chinese, by the looks of it. nice ‘stache bro. (Or whiskers. Whiskers, nice whiskers) Those are pretty mean horns. Wouldn’t want to get stabbed by those. WHAT IF YOU RODE ON IT??? Like Dragon Rider, or something. You’d need a saddle though, those are some CRAZY spikes on his/her spine.
Alright, fine, moving on. Next:
PRISON BREAK!!! Or something. Chinese or Japanese letters on the side. Yeah, I got to be the only chinese kid who doesn’t know how to read and write chinese. WHOA, they’ve circled a lamp. Maybe it goes dark, and the circle is your line of sight? Or maybe it’s just another prison break scene. AWESOME.
Yep, that’s it for now, I used up too much time.
Until next time, cao.
(Is that how you spell it?)
Oh, and somebody pass me that BI BIM BAP!



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