Posted by: Rainbow Dash | March 30, 2011

got my account back from masongooder1

I finally got ahold of my account after an entire week. I didn’t even know someone was in it ever since 3/22/11. I know it was this guy on our blog that spammed so I banned him called Masongooder1 since he changed the new recovery email to his email which was and …but it was REALLY annoying with you hacking into my account masongooder1!!!! Sheesh! I have enough homework already. Just please like stop getting into other people’s stuff and ill THANKYOU. You were a really annoying cause u hacked my account with enough hw to worry about…I had to study for like 5 tests this week :/…so yeah, u became pretty annoying and stop hacking me or anyone else again!!I’m just going to honestly say it was pretty imature not to mention annoying! u are really annoying since ur a hacker!!! stop haccking! and the funny thing is. You thought u could keep an account with name cheat and monster carnival items, guess what? You went through 20 islands on 3/22 for nothing…it’s kindaf funny how ironic that is.



  1. nice u got ur account back!

  2. thanx…yeah….sorry but it’s kindaf a bad day….

  3. masongooder1 doesn’t deserve any Bi Bim Bap.

    • yep…..

  4. wait, you chanaged the post?

    • yeah i think he changed the post….

    • it was kindaf harsh even though he was an annoying and imature hacker.

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