Posted by: pogostix013 | April 1, 2011


Aw man. Guess what?

No, you’re not guessing. Whatever, I’ll just tell you.

*sigh* I brok an arm, twisted an ankle, and broke my violin.

JUST KIDDING! April Fools!

Except no one was fooled. Sucks for me…I need to learn how to do these things.  Mainly because no one gives a crap about my welfare. 😦

But anywho, there are THREE new posts.

Friday, April 1, 2011


New on Poptropica: Play Twisted Wizard!

If you’ve played through Wimpy Wonderland already, then you know that a key puzzle is figuring out how to get Greg to stop playing Twisted Wizard. But if you haven’t played Wimpy Wonderland yet, then there’s a surprise in store: you’ll have to beat Twisted Wizard for him! That’s right, now you can play Twisted Wizard in Wimpy Wonderland. 

Don’t fret if you’ve already completed the Island. You can play Twisted Wizard at any time by visting the “games” tab in your inventory.

It’s three levels of ogre-zapping fun. And here’s a helpful tip: You can rotate the blocks by pressing the space bar.

Happy wizarding!

Seriously?! It’s not even better than halo 3 or the first halo which kindaf sucked compared to the others like 3 or reach which were legend! (ep stepping in here)! HOW CAN ANYONE BE ADDICTED TO THIS?! THIS ISN’T SOME SCI FI GAME WITH ROCKET LAUNCHERS, SPARTAN LASERS THAT MAKE THINGS GO BOOM, OR FUEL ROD GUNS! U ZAP ZOMBIES ON AN 8 BIT GRAPHIC MAP….IT’S A DISGRACE TO THE XBOX….jkjkjk….it’s not that funy to me though :/

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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Coming soon to Wimpy Wonderland

Prepare to get Twisted!
OH WHAT? Great, so they have a Twisted Wizard mini game, but not a Halo Reach one? Anywho, it’s pretty much just a few games and such. It’s pretty fun though. Somewhat like tetris. I’ll upload a few snapshots of me playing it later on, when I have time. WHOOOHOOO!! Twisted Wizard!
Next up…

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


One more day to get your Paper costume!

Tomorrow is the last day of March. And that means… 

Tomorrow is the last day for Poptropica Members to get the exclusive Paper Boy or Paper Girl costume and power! Getting this special, Members-only Gold Card is easy: all you need to do is log into Poptropica with your active Membership and visit any Island. The costume will automatically be delivered to your Store items inventory menu.

Happy papering!

Papering…right. In science  class, I had spare time and was reading this article about King Tut. There’s only one use of this custome that’s really worth it: Pretending to be a mummy and jumping out at random people. No? Looks pretty creepy to me. But still, paper boy/girl are out now, so go and do “stuff” with it. Like draw on it and stuff.

Well, g2g. Sorry for the short post.

Well, ep back here…April fools! Btw, add me for halo 3 matchmaking on xbox live! MaxMaxMighty is gamertage! In a new post, it looks like the creators are having fun like they did every April 1st…one year with bobble heads…this year with spray cans!…but seriously…why can’t their pranks ever involve a psycho getting a battle rifle  from halo 3 😦



  1. Im bringing back !!!

    Joy joy! Happy happy joy joy!

    • Bi bim bap….

      Congratulations sir! Joy joy happy joy joy x3

      • More joy joy happy happy joy joy!

    • nice.

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