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I only wish I could advertise, but I can’t without the permission of the blog Master, elmopwns.

So I’ll just “hint” this to you: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Ever read it? It’s good. Pretty dang good. The whole SERIES is good, and now I finally read it.

I should…y’know, hurry up and go on with the post.

Costumizer, engage!

One of the best parts of Poptropica is being able to Costumize most of the outfits that you see other characters wearing. And it’s so easy to use: just click on the Costumizer icon, then click on the character you want to Costumize, and click on the clothing items you want to wear. 

We want to know: How often do you use the Costumizer? Take the poll in our sidebar!

avatar image

Wait, WHAT? The Black Widow is now an author? I wonder who it can be????
I have to agree though, the customizer is one REALLY cool thing.
First off, it allows me to steal my brother’s ultra rare costumes….
JUST KIDDING. But yeah, it’s a cool thing.
Here’s the vote (as of 4/5/2011, 7:30 PM):
All the time!
580 (55%)
Once in awhile.
347 (33%)
Hardly ever.
110 (10%)

Change your vote

Votes so far: 1037
Days left to vote: 6

Yo, you got 6 days to vote people!! And what weirdo put “Hardly Ever”??

Okay, I’m sorry, and I’m ashamed that I called you a “weirdo”. But seriously, those who clicked “Hardly Ever” , give it a shot. You can make all sorts of wacky and cool things. Maybe, if someone has the ingenuity, will someday make a Halo themed costume. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Yeah, I’m babbling now. So go check it out people. I gave you the facts on the poll, and I think it’s time to MOVE ON to the next post.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Public service announcement

Late update! 

Don’t panic: Poptropica will be down for maintenance on MondayTuesday morning, starting around 5:00 AM Eastern time, for 1-3 hours. We will post an update in the blog as soon as the maintenance is complete, so you can get right back to your game!

avatar image

Director D? Is that another new author? Huh…. but anywho….it’s a PSA!!  AH NOOOO!!! It’s closed to around eight-ish. Tomorrow. Meaning I can’t finish my island. Oh well, it’s spring break, and I always wake up at ten on Spring Breaks.
That’s it….for now.
Signing out-
We have breaking news.
So stay tuned next time- Nah, I’m messing with yah.
I’ll try to make this dramatic though.
We have a new glitch from my…brother (-_-), which includes a million year old computer messing up poptropica big time0,  and a LEAK.
Yes, a LEAK.
He wants me to give credit to him, even though I found it a million years before him, but oh well. More on that later.
Are you prepared?
Are you ready?
Are you sure you want to know it?
Scroll down. I bet the suspense is killing you.
Sorry, couldn’t find a better title. Picture says it all. Thanks, bro (Blue Axe), for submitting this glitch to moi, and allowing me to do the post.
Yeah. Messed up, huh?First off, my bro has a peg leg, but look: Two pairs of legs. How odd. And that’s not it. Somebody spilled white out on their bodies!! I’m pretty sure this is because that my brother has a million year old computer. Windows XP, sure, but look at the old icons and stuff. I would know, since his computer’s about….eh, two point five generations old. That’s one glitchy computer.
Thanks again bro.
Are your ready?
Are you sure you want to see it?
Scroll down further.
I bet you’re dying to see it?
Okay, here goes.
RAINBOW GUM, a leaked new item!!! as well as glitches on rtv!!!
My brother’s picture.

click to go there.

Luckily Blue Axe *cough cough* WE have such a great eye. Sparkly popgum! Yay! So rainbow-ish. For like depressed people, happy people, whoever. It’s sure to get you in a good mood.

And, I guess that’s it for now.

Until next time….




  1. I spotted that popgum!!!

    • Dur. I gave you credit, so don’t sue.

  2. hi

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