Posted by: pogostix013 | April 9, 2011

Red-Fatty-Dragon Island

Hello folks.

I’ve been wrapped up in my book lately, so sorry for the lack of posts.

THIS one is special though.

I bring you…RED FATTY DRAGON ISLAND! Rawr. Sorry, it’s Red Dragron island, but guess what? Surprise surprise….first thing that happens to you when you enter is this:

My my, look at all the weight I’ve gained!! Better hit the gym.

There’s a variety of odd looking buildings in this land, but I meet one guy who says the Sumo is “good for business”.

Business, my foot. Do you see that there are no customers? And what do you run anyways? Man, the guys here are fat. Too fat…. (Looks suspiciously at the guy)….I bet that these guys have a McDonalds on every single block in Japan. I’ve heard about world wide fast food chains, so why am I surprised?

Anyways, onto the honorable Sumo Wrestling arena of death.

I look pretty cool, don’t I? It’s my dream to become a sumor wrestler. Skull staff by my side, vampire fangs gleaming in the distant sun….fat wobbling under my five chins….no, never mind, I think I’ll help the guy run McDonalds again.

So….arena of death is set…nothing to do but FIGHT!!

MOOOOOORRRTAAALL KOMMMMBAAAT!!! (I don’t own anything here, so don’t sue. I just like that game.)

Sorry for the messy picture taking, Joe (My dragon…), was shaking a lot while taking the snapshots. Just ask him, it’s all true. The ground was shaking with earthquakes and the sky was pitch dark like the skies of the underworld. Lightning flashed white in the sky (Either that, or it was the camera) and silhouetted my opponent and me, standing about 5 meters apart on a stone alter, ready to strangle the life out of each other. Sweat streamed down my face in anticipation as I heard the words…”Set!” “BEGIN!” We charged like there was no tomorrow, and as we ran, the entire earth shook. We collided with each other head on, and buildings began to crumble in our wake.

…something along the lines of that.

Anywho, the point was that I was winning.

And then I won.

We won!! You have to win five battles before you can advanced to a cool ranking, but then, to move on, you have to be members. Ugh. But in the meantime, I think I’ll settle down with a nice burger….




  1. MORTAL COMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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