Posted by: Rainbow Dash | April 12, 2011

Samurai Duels and Sumo Wrestling

If you haven’t visited the new sneak peak of this Magic Tree House Island yet, we advise you strongly to do so. Is it because you get to visit a cartoonish 2d ancient Japan? Nah. Is it because you get to see sneak peeks? Nah. Is it because you get really, really, really, big and get to push, shove, and bombard people off of sumo wrestling rings and even get to knock them over and gruesomly down onto the ground? Bingo. Guess what? You even get to move up ranks. With each rank comes a costume as well. Each rank takes about 10 wins to pass. That’s about 40 wins to get to the highest rank. The main goal of the game isn’t strength…it’s when you click…oh and also: the amount of big macs you eat from Mcdonalds. One has like 2,000 calories alone. So you can be living off of a burger a day 0_0…creepy. But, it’ll help you push your opponents down and brutally shove them off so you can progress rank…right?

If you’ve tried the sneak preview of Red Dragon Island, then you’ve probably had a chance to see the prizes that are up for grabs as you progress through the Sumo tournament. All players can move up one rank, and earn a special outfit and facepaint set for becoming a Maegashira.

There are higher ranks to earn, and better prizes to win! Those hardy Poptropica Members who earn promotion to the highest rank of Yokozuna will get this special prize:

Besides the fancy duds, only those who have earned the rank of Yokozuna will get the special “Sumo stomp” ability.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a Members and haven’t become a champion yet, now’s your time! And if you’re not yet a Member, there’s still time to become one, and get these exclusive goodies

Typo, creators. Forgot the period at the end! Geez, even we middle schoolers know that. Personally, I don’t really like these costumes. They’re like…like…cloths with chinese words on them 0_0…I don’t know about you guys…but personally…I went to the second rank and that was IT. What do you guys have in Japan?!!! A medievial times Mcdonald on every street or something?!!! 0_0…anyways, we’re learning about Ancient Japan in 6/7 period in school…soooo…I can conclude that a samurai duel game would be fun :D. Think about it: You get a longsword to slice your opponents in half, arrows to shoot from horseback, and even a short sword to cut the heads off of enemies! A long sword was for killing in Japan, and a short one for decapitating the dead head! I’d have 100 already ;D. Also, if samurais failed their mission, they had to commit ritual suicide…or seppeku. That means thrusting a knife through your body as someone quickly chops your head off to end the pain of suicide 0_0. I’m not sure a lot of parents would be happy if they put that up…

-_-…oh! Of course they will! Everyone knows responsible parents likes samurai duels and suicides if they failed!




…ps: doing music theory…advanced…grade 5…have to do like 20 pages by Sunday….and plus have to memorize words…like i dunno: legeretto, allegro, allegretto, voce, volta….all that times like a hundred….


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