Posted by: pogostix013 | April 14, 2011

The BATCAVE….except a little more personalized.

Okay, so new post, and it’s  a POLL!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Poll position

We’ve got a new poll running in the sidebar that we’d like you to answer. This is a simple one: would you want to have your own space in Poptropica, which you could decorate however you like and invite friends to come visit? 

We’re always looking for ways to make Poptropica even better. Your opinion can help!

avatar image

YES, DUH!!! I mean, every super hero has his hide out! Like…superman….er, idk, his house. And Robin….er…also his house I guess, if he’s not hanging out in the batcave playing  Halo 3 with Batman. And even Spiderman lives in…uh….his mom’s house. And most famous, the BATCAVE!!! Think of it, to have your own room in poptropica….it’s like Multiverse, except it doesn’t cost credits. WOOOOHOOOO!! Vote YES everyone!
So far, here it is:
5301 (95%)
255 (4%)
OH YEAH. Looks like we’ll all be seeing some rooms in poptropica soon.
To the batcave! Er….just a little more personalized. Flatscreen there, Xbox here, couch here….vending machine THERE, and I can settle in nicely in that cave.
See ya later,
WHOA, wait a second. Sorry, I am a little stressed out and over reacting to a small quiz tomorrow. I’m starting to lose my head (Yeah yeah, I’m already insane though, lol) and TOTALLY forgot that there was a second post. Sorrry people. Heheh. Really, I’m sorry.
Anywho, the post:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You talk the talk…

Have you had a chance to check out the sneak preview of Red Dragon Island? Lots of Poptropicans have already battled their way to Yokozuna status. Whether or not you’ve joined their status, you may have noticed something interesting about your opponents: they’re a mouthy bunch.

Yes, your Sumo opponents talk a lot of trash before the matches. Let them talk the talk — but if you can walk the walk, then you’ll be a Yokozuna in no time!

avatar image

Talk the talk huh? Well, I don’t know. Most people like to taunt their opponents before smashing them halfway across the earth and drop kicking them to the Oort cloud in space. I, for one, like to let my fists, or my walk, do the talk. Idk, I guess I’m not much of a talkative person at school.
However, if you are a member, regardless whether or not you use your mouth, you can still ascend to glory on the ring by pwning everyone on the ring and ascending to Yokozuna. But non-members like me…..*sigh* people should have sympathy for people like me.
Well, I got to go study now, so bye bye!

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