Posted by: Rainbow Dash | April 15, 2011

Ninjas, studying, and simulation

I’d like to begin this post with saying that:

Today is  a MAJOR day for me :(…It was a pretty bad one, too! So we’re doing a warlord simulation for over a month now right? Every few days. If equal amounts of armies come to a certain location, there’s a head to head battle with questions by the teacher…the thing is…last time I took an entire clan, or table group, since I studied so hard! I STUDIED FOR HOURS LAST TIME AND WON THREE STRAIGHT DUELS IN A ROW…PEOPLE NICKNAMED ME AS THE ROADBLOCK AND FEARED ME BEFORE DUELS. Then YESTERDAY I missed the last main Japanese island in the question AND LOST TO NAGASAKI CLAN. ARGGGGHHHH!!! So here comes me again studying for today for three hours last night…then what do you know? Everyone gets all afraid and before I can even move, this girl called Sage in Nagasaki says that she was ahead of me and she refortifies her armies so THE $%^^# HEAD TO HEAD CAN’T WORRRRRKKKK…AGGGGHHHHHH. THREE HOURS WASTED. AND IT’S THE LAST TIME I’M LEADER FOR THE SIMULATION…

Now, throughout this post, you will hear very historical terms and phrases from me as well as history on Japan SINCE I STUDIED FOR HOURS ON END.

New in the Poptropica Store: the Midnight Red Ninja costume!

This new ninja costume is inspired by the upcoming Red Dragon Island. The Midnight Red Ninja outfit is available exclusively to Poptropica Members.

All Poptropicans can also pick up two classic Japanese-inspired costumes: the original Midnight Ninja, and the Samurai.

Cool, huh?

Well, yep, looks pretty cool. Instead of numbchucks…you get that fork thingy…to eat salad…jkjk…anyways…the Japan set also includes the Samurai (which was also called the “one who serves” or the warrior of their daimyo) the ninja (which was born during the leyasu tokugawa reign by the harsh inflictionment of the taxes to the peasants under the daimyos) and then the other ninja or elite red ninja with a salad fork…jkjk…I believe it was some spear thingy. A short animation occurs (as always) when space is pressed…this can make a great costume idea….samurai ninjas…By the way: Did you know that if samurais failed a task like protecting their daimyo or masters, they were forced to commit Seppeku or ritual suicide? Japan was in constant clan warfare back then…sure there was a civil government and emperor…but the real military authority belonged to the shogun (or ruler of all clans in Japan)

So the pros of this week:

-pracitcally know everything major, somewhat detailed, significant, and important on ancient Japanese history (Meiji Restoration, samurai code of law, major battles, major events, important people like the ruler Minamoto Yoritomo, or first shogun or military general and ruler of the clans of Japan)

-It’s finally Friday

-gonna make a costume idea based on those Japanese sets above 😉

-Getting a bunch of good GX and yu gi oh cards shipped tomorrow 😉



-I have all A’s except this one low A and one B in math (for the low 93 in health…planning to make the B test I got with another A test in cardiac unit we’re learning…same with math except with another unit…quadratics were REALLY tough…)

-Some hw (cultural event, math two long problems, study for vocab test, vocab words, and one short page of science)

Well, hope you enjoy the new costumes…everything is revolving around Japan in my life for some reason :/.


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