Posted by: Rainbow Dash | April 19, 2011

THe ecstatsy of tech

What do you suppose is happening here?

I’ve never seen a Poptropican do that before…


Above is the new creators’ blog post. This post is gonna be a quicky since i still have quadratic equation packet, cultural event, and then study. After all these years….i thought early poptropica animation was bad. You see, poptropica has really seemed to evolve over the years. Remember shark tooth? Compare that to Astro Knights island. Then this new magic treehouse Red Dragon thing seems cool….until you see THIS…it looks like an eight bit mario scenery :/. I take it, this will be in some magical world…maybe that’s where the treehouse is :D…maybe poptropica servers are going to crash and people are going to stop playing the game if this keeps on happening…I guess the backround could be deliberately designed this way. It seems very likely to be in the upcoming island. And the pun is WAY TOO easy to guess in the post. Get it? Who wants to climb a tree? Treehouse? Magic treehouse? That’s all im gonna say…on other news: some hw, AND orchestra festies are coming up really soon. we’re hosting them at our middle school so since a lot of really weird people went to pcms, the other middle school…TIME TO OWN THEM…IN THE VIOLIN SECTION!!!…seriously, i bet we’re better. didya know that some of them helped a girl commit suicide? it’s true. the people were on f-book, too. just search Dhruv Sharda, brandon lee, alex sun…they were at issaquah m school…sad…but yeah, OWNED IN THE VIOLIN SECTION!!

quick note: personal favorite island: astro knights!



  1. OWNED….

    Idk if it’s weird to comment at the blog that I work at, but my personal favorite is SHARK TOOTH. idk why, but it’s easy and fun.

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