Posted by: Rainbow Dash | April 27, 2011

go green…the villian smashdown

This post is a little late, but I had to do it for pogostix since he’s caught up in studying…or he’s been ignoring my emails and secretly logging off to sneak some time at reach -_-….jkjk…most likely not. We’re all pretty busy at school, but here goes after a long day…so many assignments due later on….

Will those energy hogs ever learn?




Earth Day may have come and gone, but the “Don’t Be an Energy Hog” mini-game is still yours to play for free on Poptropica. Just visit the Poptropica store and check out the Gold Cards. Your free Energy Hog card is there for the taking!

To win the game, all you need to do is follow around those silly energy hogs and turn off all of the electricity-wasting appliances they keep turning on that they aren’t even using.

Silly, silly energy hogs. You know better than that, don’t you?

Yesiree! It was earth day on Friday and we 7th graders won the competition at ims for going GREEEENNNN!!!! Some tips are:
-don’t detonate nuclear explosions
-reduce your emission by turning off lights
-turn off lights when not needed
-don’t leave continues water running
-bike or ride the metro
And what’s the goal of all this???…maybe so we won’t choke to death some years later due to c02…If you still haven’t checked it out, Poptropica has launched its own campaign by the energy hog minuquest. You can complete it on poptropica…for free!…via the poptropica store. It’s relatively easy compared to my FAVORITE haunted house one and another fav. of the halloween peanuts one.
There can be only one!

Voting begins soon…

and now…the ultimate decision…which villian WILL YOU choose? The poll has begun people…My personal favorite is still that Dr. Hare…ahh…silly evil bunny…too bad he suffocated hundreds of miles through stratosphere…Dr. Hare was DE ORIGINAL villian…the orginial bunny maniac…est 2008. My top three is binary bard, the bunny freak, and el mustachio. There are many choices, though! Remember Betty Jetty? Pretty annoying during the chase scene though :P. So let the voting begin! They range from meglomanious freaks in bunny costumes to bald dudes and wild west rifle shooting outlaws. Coincedentally…one is named after a type of lobster sailing the high seas ;). You can cast your vote soon via the creators blog! Check back into this blog each day for an exclusive update on each poll. Starting as of today, look to our directory above for a new page detailed: The Campaign trail! Whenever there’s a ballot, we’ll feature the trends on graphs, what’s popular, and what decision is in the lead. Check the campaign trail out today to see the trend of the gamers!
-ep out.



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