Posted by: Rainbow Dash | April 30, 2011

The second round

Today, the second round has begun! The four winners from the last round will show off in the finals before having two more go directly to the championships! This is the last of the first round!

Poptropica Villain Showdown: The next four matchups!

The first four matchups are over. Your updated bracket is above.

Now, it’s time to finish the first round. The matchups:

Vince vs. El Mustachio Grande

Black Widow vs. Speeding Spike

Gretchen Grimlock vs. Ratman

Copy Cat vs. Binary Bard

Polls are now open in the sidebar. Voting will remain open until Monday!

Once again, we see a pattern of trend. It looks like the popular villians have the most votes! The winners of the last round are dr. hare, zeus, medusa (freaky hair doo!) and cpt crawfish…aka lobster boy…:D…The expected and winning people of this round is: Mustachio, Gretchen, Black Widow, and of course, the Binary Bard. After that, the semi finals will occur. If this almost certain prediction is to come true for the 2nd round of voting, then it would be el mustachio vs the widow, gretchen vs the bard! Of course, gamers will be left with difficult decisions then. Our theories here at this site is this for the semi championships: binary bard vs el mustachio. And then the theory continues to Binary Bard at the championships (EVERYONE OWES ME A DOLLAR IF I GET THIS RIGHT…..jkjkjkjkjk just kidding….). For the other side. We theorize based on present results: zeus vs captain crawfish, and then the championships would be crawfish vs Binary Bard…I’d choose the bard ;)….but of course, this is all theory! (DOLLAR IF IT’S RIGHT!…jkjkjk)…gamers will be faced with some tough decisions! Should we pick captain crawfish or that medusa??? Well, this weekend is busy for me…gtg study for science tomorrow…have msp studying and reviewing tomorrow…and then the reading notes…halo time…

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