Posted by: Rainbow Dash | May 4, 2011

Advertisement Campaign

Hello, everyone. I’m back after a long java break and after some MSP study on homework and math and angles…but after a whole day of:

-math msp review

– writing

-different periods

-a science test (A+…please give an A+…)

-and a whole lot of commotion from getting my gym clothes stolen to finding a long lost binder of a friend like weeks later…

I’m here to put a new word out to the public. As you have known, this blog has become more than your average site over the years. Around a year ago, this blog started sometime in middle summer vacation. I was still in a vacation to Utah…remember making the site on wordpress. It went from a few views to this:

33,000 views and counting, pretty dang fast for a blog that’s less than a year old.

An entire bar of pages from cheats listed on no other blog (from the flying cheat to out of maps and a once working undefined name cheat to also more cheats that let you get glitched up names and plus a moon walk! Come on over!) and a balloon boy petition, many other features like a chat room, a discussion page, and mayhaps one of the fastest updating blogs out there…it’s not that we don’t have a life…it’s just that…well…fine…we don’t have a life…just kidding..jkjkjkjkjkjkjk…

But what about all this commotion over the blog you ask? Why brag about it in this one post when it is titled Ad Campaign? Well, guess I’ll have to brainwash you guys first with the knowledge of our popular blog and then getting you to read the following. Are you still reading this? Good. I predict some of you will drop out if you don’t want to know what all of this is about.

You still reading this? Good…

Now then. If you scrolled down, good for you. As you may know, my dad is an entreprenuer. He invents prodigious companies and sites…actually has quite a few now. He’s pretty busy lately, but it would help much if you visit his company/website. Do you know a dad or mom that has made their own company? This isΒ a GREAT AND SECURE place to visit. He helps do business with seperate companies. What do you get when you mix the deals of trade with a smoked salmon company to a wine company? Go to the conspicious and large for more. Do you know a mom or dad who is in business or is in a business job or has their own company? Go to Tell your friends and parents or whatever. If you know someone that owns a business or something, help us out! Reccomend them to for the best business comparison there is out there…

You will see more of these ad campaings over the course of thisd blog. Look to the side bars now for ads by my Dad’s company. Check the sidebar or the bottom of each post. This blog is officially sponsor of bundle.

Have you checked on pogostix yet? He’s making a “D.S.”…disgusting shake…he’s fermenting milk and adding in all sorts of gross and despised stuff…just hope there isn’t some chemical explosion to this.

See you…on reach…if you’re a gamer…



  1. I have a life…definitely.

    Hey, is Green Boa still on the blog? Just wondering…

    πŸ™‚ pogostix013 πŸ™‚

  2. And yeah, I like to have little smiley faces around my name.

    πŸ™‚ pogostix013 πŸ™‚

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