Posted by: pogostix013 | May 4, 2011

That’s a HECK of an island!

Wowa…you think I have the time to travel to all these places?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Red Dragon Island map revealed!

Here’s your first look at the map for Red Dragon Island, presented byMagic Tree House.
Is the suspense killing you yet? We’ll have exciting news about this new Island very soon!avatar image
Oh wow, that’s a HECK of an island (hence the title). Oh man, that’s  still huge….to me, that is. Sure, I guess you start out wherever the tree house is, and then Jack wants to do some research, and accidentally whisks us back to who knows when Japan. Then the two stumble on some Samurai or whatever, but that’s still a big area to do it. Maybe you get to ride something across the island? I mean, I don’t want to walk ALL the way across the map, that’s a pretty big distance. Maybe I’ll cruise around in this:
(Heheh, courtesy of Google Images. Thanks!)
Ooh, it’s all polished and shiny, and definitely meant for island travel. It’s even fitted for two people! It may be a heck of an island, but I got one HECK of a ride!
Well, studying for MSP, but see ya later!

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