Posted by: pogostix013 | May 6, 2011

It’s FRIIIIIDAY, FRIDA-well, you get the point….

Okay, so enough of the song singing….but there IS  a POST!! Man, I’m jumping up and down right now, cuz I’m really excited for no reason.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating a tasty Island

After the launch of Red Dragon Island, which takes place mostly in old Japan, some of the Poptropica creators decided to celebrate with a Japanese lunch — sushi!

Mmm-mmm! So delicious, you’d never guess that it was made out of raw fish.

No, not “Crawfish.” Raw fish. Nobody noms Captain Crawfish!

avatar image

Nom nom nom no-wait, raw fish? Oops…sorry crawfish. But yeah, crawfish are good too.  But I want sushi. It’s good. But….LOOK! It’s almost like they wanted us to spot it!
IT”S A DOCTOR HARE TOY!! I’ve always wanted that sadistic little pink bunny man in my room…and now I can! I wonder when they release it? There also seems to be something else in the background, but idk what it is….yet.
But go ahead, it’s the weekends now, and you have all weekend to get on your computer and finish….
So whatcha waitin’ for? Go ahead, and feast in the AWESOMENESS! And a non-member like me….we’ll just wait.
Sayonara!  (Or however you spell it….I don’t even SPEAK Japanese…sorry)
Have a nice weekend!

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