Posted by: Rainbow Dash | May 16, 2011

Free month of membership.

Well, well, well…what have we here? You know those poptropica game cards at target for those twelve weeks of membership? The creators are offering us aditional membership…a free thirty days that is. The details are entitled below.

You already knew that you could get a Poptropica Game Card and redeem it for 12 weeks of Poptropica Membership. But now, you can get an extra FREE MONTH of Membership when you buy a Poptropica Game Card at Target stores!

That’s 12 weeks PLUS an extra month of Early Access to new Islands, and access to all of the costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store. This offer is only available for Game Cards purchased at Target.

And since we’re in a free mood around here, here’s a Red Dragon Island wallpaper that you can download, in two different sizes!

1024 x 768

1280 x 1024

To celebrate the release of Red Dragon Island, they also gave us wallpapers to decorate our computer backrounds. Coming in two different sizes, you can select which one is right for you and your computer screen. It features a samurai from the island. As for the membership, this looks like another promotion to sell their game cards…but even though membership allows you to have stuff like early access on less crowded servers, WORST $$^@#ING IDEA EVER CREATORS…ahem…bad day, yes, I know. Anyway, so if you buy a game card now, you get thirty more days or around 2-3 more weeks. In my opinion, a waste of money. I know, they need membership to keep the game running, but with the dozens of ad rooms and ads everywhere…three words: you money-hungry creators :/. Although there are benefits like all the gold cards…HOW DARE YOU CREATORS. I WILL SEND MY SOCKPUPPET NINJA TO HUNT YOU DOWN AND SMITE YOU IN YOUR SLEEP…YOU WATCH OUT FOR YOURSELVES. YOU BETTER STAY AWAKE AT NIGHT OR HE’S COMING FOR YOU TO BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN. YOU WATCH YOURSELF. But…can’t stay awake forever ;)….



  1. check out our red dragon island guide, made by me

  2. Membership is fun.

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