Posted by: pogostix013 | May 18, 2011

Now, it’s the REAL Duel of Fates

Again, I do NOT own Star Wars, nope. No star wars characters, ideas, ect, just a fan using the title.

So don’t sue. 😛

Monday, May 16, 2011

Villain Showdown: The Finals!

The votes are in, and only two Poptropica villains remain. Who do you think is the best Poptropica villain of them all?

Zeus vs. Binary Bard

Voting is now open in the sidebar. It will be open for a full week so you can make your choice.

avatar image

I’m sorry, but I’m going with Binary bard. He has a robotic EYE for pete’s sake! (Who’s pete anyways?)
Current Stats:
  2898 (45%)
Binary Bard
  3525 (54%)
And I think that most people agree with me. However, the scores seem to be divided, and you never know when the tides may turn.
I gtg, but be sure to vote Poptropicans!

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