Posted by: Rainbow Dash | May 28, 2011

Pay more money to get into islands?!!! how dare you…AGAIN!

Well, it looks like the creators have put up an advertisement campaign for members. As you may know, members get a WHOLE lot of extra shtufff like midnight ninjas and gold cards and everything free in the poptropica store and new islands and…cant stop…drooling

Red Dragon Island is still open to Poptropica Members only. Remember, not only do Poptropica Members get Early Access to new Islands, they also get benefits and extras that no one else does.

Members only can get the exclusive Midnight Red Ninja costume in the Poptropica Store.

And only Members can advance to the upper levels of the “Prepare For Impact” sumo wrestling game, eventually achieving the rank of Yokozuna!

(The costume is cool, but wait until you try out the Yokozuna’s “Sumo Stomp” power!)

Find out how to become a Member today so you can play Red Dragon Island this weekend, and get access to all of the incredible costumes, powers, and special surprises for Members. There’s a lot more in store. Don’t miss out!


Members also appear to get the exclusive costumes like Red Midnight ninja (gee, it’s red…so im going to spend 10 bucks on it -_-) If you’re interested, you can click on the link to sign up for membership…but I really thought those creators earned enough money through ad rooms *_*…how dare they?!!! The price of membership has indeed gone up over the years. It used to be ten dollars, now it’s almost double that amount.  But perhaps the biggest benefit and accrue of membership are the early accesses. In my opinion, poptropica should have private servers. There should be a dozen servers, some especially reserved for members. If you’re a member, you will most certainly be on a NON LAGGY island…FINALLY…AFTER YEARS OF YELLING AT THE COMPUTER FOR FREEZING WHEN I GO TO A NEW LOCATION…+_+…in other news, would anyone want a hard candy? 😉

Wish me luck on the piano recital…im trying to not freak out on stage…


hard candy ftw


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