Posted by: Rainbow Dash | June 4, 2011

Poptropica Toys

I’d like to start this post off by saying a few things…first, I’d  like to say that Poptropica’s come a longz way from its initial start in 2008…then it really got big with Astro Knights and Time Twisted and all the other islands…remember when the store launched? Yeah, that was HUGE. Suddenly the founders found a real way to make profit through a virtual money system on Poptropica. And then even bigger islands came out like Skullduggery. And who could ever forget Steamworks or Wimpy Wonderland? But now…Poptropica has introduced merchandise…TONS of merchandise to make hundreds of thousands…and after that…guess what the new BIG thing is after all these years?

that’s right! ACTION FIGURES!…-_-…Well, at least they made SOMETHING. Poptropica has a new info page on all the new action figures you can “only buy at Toys R Us”. They range from Earth Astro Knight to Dr. Hare and a bored looking Shark Boy. There’s even a “cool kid” plush. Each item also comes with a special code to upload onto the internet. There you can use this code on your character to obtain new items and such. So if you feel a sudden need to buy something made from plastic and cotton…hurry up and go down to your local toys r us…and buy, buy, buy ._. …unless of course you can’t drive…then, follow these directions:

1. Find a suitable item

2. Ask your mom to get you to your local toys r us. Did this work? (yes) (no)

3. If you chose yes, problem solved. If you said no, proceed to step 4.

4. Steal the key chains and be sure to bring ur mom’s money….

5. Drive down to Toys R Us like you did in your video games…except faster…:)

6. Buy the thing you want. Drive back.

7. Repeat steps 1-6.


In other news, Poptropica has recieved major upgrades. If you go to the info page about the new Shrink Ray island, you will see the format is different in slide shows of pictures instead of just an info page with words and a picture. There’s always a trailer at the bottom, too. A full detailed description is also at the bottom.


a list of the new info pages:

Island Tour Ad 1 Island Tour Ad 2 Island Tour Ad 3


Bottom line: Poptropica’s gotten major updates. Guess what we have? That’s right…TOYS…-_-…The graphic style has also increased. If you go to an island like Shark Tooth, you’ll find that cgi has improved…FINALLY…in other news, our ims middle school has end of course finals…that’s right, 8th grade math tests (im in advance math) 100 questions, determines whether u pass high school or not -_-

going to be one heck of a weekend, ep out.


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